Memoirs of the life of sir John Froissart: to which is added, some account of the MS. of his chronicle in the Elizabethian library at Breslau (by J.E. Scheibel).


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30 ページ - From the evidence it would appear that the submergence took place at the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century.
68 ページ - En lieu de May, d'un loyal coer que j'ay, De quoi que foit, &c.
7 ページ - Froiflart, having loft his patronefs queen Philippa, did not return to England, but went into his own country, where he obtained the living of Leftines. Of all that he performed during the time he exercifed this miniftry, he tells us nothing more than that the tavern-keepers of Leftines had five hundred francs of his money in the fhort fpace of time he was their rector. It appears from a manufcript journal of the bifhop of Chartres, chancellor to the duke of Anjou, that, according to letters fealed...
11 ページ - Maulion, in giving him the hiftory of his own life, told him alfo that of almoft rnoft all the wars which had happened in the different provinces of France, and even in Spain, from the time of the battle of Poitiers, at which period he firft bore arms. Although he applied himfelf, without relaxation, in collecting hiftorical memoirs, FroifTart gave, however, fome moments to Poefy.
4 ページ - ... my attention, which treat and examine the feats and events of the wars between France and England, and of all their allies and adherents, as it clearly appears from the treaties which have been made and completed until this very day of my again being awakened.
73 ページ - On doit le temps ainsi prendre qu'il vient: Tout dit que pas ne dure la fortune. Un temps se part, et puis l'autre revient: On doit le temps ainsi prendre qu'il vient. Je me comforte en ce qu'il me souvient Que tous les mois avons nouvelle lune: On doit le temps ainsi prendre qu'il vient: Tout dit que pas ne dure la fortune.
16 ページ - Thomas de Percy, finding the king but little occupied, mentioned to him the romance which Froissart had brought with him. The prince asked to see it; and the historian says, " he saw it in his chamber : for I had it always with me, and placed it upon his bed.
10 ページ - His moft ufual occupation, in that time, was to amufe Gafton, after his fupper, by reading to him the romance of Meliador, which he had brought with him. Every evening he repaired to the caftle at midnight, which was the hour the Count fat down to table, and none dared to interrupt the reading. Gafton himfelf, •who liftened with the greateft attention, •only fpoke to afk queftions concerning the book ; and he never fent him away, before he had made him drink all the D 3 wine wine which had remained...
49 ページ - I am ignorant whether this be not an old fragment of Froiflart which Sauvage had confulted, which had been printed before the black-letter editions, and of which I have never been able to gain any knowledge. To return to thofe editions I have pointed out, I fhall fix principally on that of Sauvage, and endeavour to fhew, at the fame time, what opinion Should be formed of the black-letter editions which preceded his.