Memoirs of the life, writings and correspondence of W. Smellie, Volume 2


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Página 406 - Now a senator of the College of Justice, by the title of Lord Woodhouselee. 1810. — Now deceased. 1820. " young, she had them much about her, and de" lighted them with her songs, and tales of chival
Página 264 - ... intelligence and resources of animals are proportioned to the number of instincts with which their minds are endowed; that all animals are, in some measure, rational beings; and that the dignity and superiority of the human intellect are necessary results, not of the conformation of our bodies, but of the great variety of instincts which nature has been pleased to confer on the species.
Página 357 - I cannot, my dearest wife, suffer the 7th of January to pass without renewing to you the pledges of love which I made to you on the 7th of January forty-six years ago. And although I am sensible that in that long period I have done many things that I ought not to have done, and left undone many things that I ought to have done, yet in constant affection to you I have never wavered, never...
Página 273 - Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edinburgh, and author of five volumes of eloquent Sermons, which have had a most uncommon but welldeserved celebrity.
Página 408 - Successively Professor of Logic and Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow, and afterwards Commissioner of the Customs at Edinburgh ; the illustrious Author of the Wealth of Nations, Theory of Moral Sentiments, and Considerations on the Formation and Genius of Languages.
Página 11 - From inveterate and incurable habit, he is too much connected with a literary impostor, whom you have completely stripped of his borrowed plumes, but at his time of life (the grand climacteric) in every other respect he is very deservedly a favourite of the public. Besides his literary merit, he hath borne his faculties so meekly in every situation, that he is entitled to favour as well as candour. He has never, with pedantic authority, opposed the career of other authors, but on the contrary favoured...
Página 327 - ... Sir WILLIAM JONES gives the following strong sentiments against the sexual theory of vegetable generation. " The allegory of sexes and nuptials of plants, even if it were complete, ought to be discarded, as unbecoming the gravity of men, who, while they search for truth, have no business to indulge their imaginations ; and, while they profess to give descriptions, have nothing to do with metaphors.
Página 80 - RAMSAYS professorship of Natural History. SMELLIE, besides being very able for the business, has this advantage, that he lives close in Edinburgh, is much liked, and has a sagacious insinuating address, which may make him useful to you in your politics ; and he will go through fire and water to do any thing I bid him, provided it is not wrong.
Página 3 - History of Scotland, from the Reformation to the death of Queen Mary, is an undisguised and virulent hypocritical attack on the History of Scotland by the same illustrious author.
Página 194 - SMELLIE was employed to print, for the Society for Propagating the Gospel in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland...

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