Memoirz of a Stick Up Kid

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Let us all take a walk on the wild side for a moment and into a world filled with cops and robber chases, beautifull women, intelligent hoodlums and crooked cops that murder just for the thrill of it! And once you've stepped into this world, you will meet Porgie and his notorious stick up kids, Flip, Renegade and Gangta Boy! These intelligent hoodlums has taken over the Raleigh, North Carolina's entire underworld! But that's just where the plot thickens. You see, the Raleigh's Police Department can't quite seem to catch these dangerous heist men. and so in the midst of their frustrations they have sunt two of the force's most deadliest detectives, Russ and Watkins to bring these men to justice by way of body bags! And to make matters more complicated, somebody has been watching and video tapping the gang's every heist, every move and every stick up! Who is it? And then when the two detectives get tired of the cat and mouse chase, they kidnap two of the gang's girlfriends! They have wicked plans to torchure, rape and punish these women until Georgie Porgie and his gang submit and turn themselves into them, where they have only one intention! But somebody is still watching. Read this sexy, suspensefull thriller and find out who. It will surprise you in the most vividest way, that only a Reginald Kornegay novel can! And with the second story, "The Island" Sooky Jordan is just about to have a nervous breakdown. At 23 years old, she is a prison guard at one of the most notorious and dangerous prisons in North Carolina, where she meets the man of her dreams, Patrick Jones. But mysteriously, this is when things take a turn for the worse.

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