Memorial Services Held in the House of Representatives of the United States: Together with Remarks Presented in Eulogy of Bolivar E. Kemp, Late a Representative from Louisiana. Seventy-third Congress, Second Session

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934 - 41페이지

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22 페이지 - Why shrinks the soul Back on herself, and startles at destruction ? 'Tis the divinity that stirs within us; 'Tis Heaven itself that points out an hereafter, And intimates eternity to man.
15 페이지 - ALMIGHTY God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid ; cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit ; that we may perfectly Jove thee, and worthily magnify thy holy name, through Christ our Lord.
22 페이지 - One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, Never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph, Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake.
30 페이지 - Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil. Sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust — We are prepared to approach our grave — Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams. The grave is like the gate in the old temple, iron on one side but beaten gold on the other. Dying is transportation, home-going, happiness, and a satisfied heart forever. As I stand here today participating in these memorial services, my mind...
25 페이지 - What we admired, and prized, and venerated in them, can never die, nor dying, be forgotten. I had almost said that they are now beginning to live ; to live that life of unimpaired influence, of unclouded fame, of unmingled happiness, for which their talents and services were destined. They were of the select few, the least portion of whose life dwells in their physical...
23 페이지 - If the Father deigns to touch with divine power the cold and pulseless heart of the buried acorn and to make it burst forth from its prison walls, will He leave neglected in the earth the soul of man, made in the image of his Creator? If He stoops to give to the...
31 페이지 - The miracle of birth, the mystery of death remain the unsolved problems of all time. The shepherd philosopher who three thousand years ago upon the Syrian plains observed the procession of the planets and contemplated the decrees of fate was as wise perhaps as is the wisest of to-day. He only knew that standing here upon this bank of time his straining eyes could not glimpse even the shadowy outline of the farther shore.

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