Memories and Meditations

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The title, Memories and Meditations in Poetry and Prose tells something about the book. The memories are those of an old man remembering his childhood and growing up in a time of hardship on a small farm. The joys and sorrows of that period are told with poignancy and evidence of a happy and positive outlook on life. The meditations are the author's thoughts and beliefs concerning many things-family life, religion, marriage, economics, children, parents, dogs and other animals, the wonders of the world and anything which might come to mind. It is three books in one. The first section is a collection of poems written over a long period of time. The second is a short autobiography, the memories of the author's childhood and growing up in a rural area. The third, and largest section, is a collection of little essays, stories and records of his experiences. These were also written over a long period of time and dated as entries in his journal. Much thought and time have gone into the writing of this book. In places it exposes the author's intimate thoughts and beliefs, which he admits are sometimes different from those of many people. Over a long lifetime he has thought about what seems to be important in life, no matter what is popular.

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