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Buffalo Bill was the most famous personality of his time. Known and loved by children, kings and queens. He brought the Wild West to people in the east and in Europe who craved to know what it was really like. But before that he was one of the men who tamed the west making way for the rail road.
I fell in love with Will Cody through the wonderful, romantic memories told by his wife, Lousia. Will was a strong, handsome, energetic young man of 20 when he swept her off her feet and took her Out West to Kansas. He was already an excellent horseman, sharp shooter, and survivor. This book is a unique look at life in the Wild West of the 1860s-1880s; the hardships and the joys, from a woman’s POV. Very well written with the help of Courtney Ryley Cooper. Lots of thrilling action and tender moments.

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Page 210 - Then join hands," said I to both of them; "I now pronounce you to be man and wife, and whomsoever God and Buffalo Bill have joined together let no man put asunder. May you live long and prosper. Amen.
Page 113 - Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bill, Never missed, and never will. Always aims and shoots to kill, And the KP pays his buffalo bill.
Page 89 - A book of 325 pages. Only reference to Wild Bill is a story (pages 88-89) in which Buffalo Bill asked his wife to dance with Wild Bill with the following words: "Remember how I told about the man who had protected me when the bull-whackers of the wagon train had made up their minds to make my life miserable? If you remember that, you'll also remember the fact that the man who came to my assistance was Wild Bill Hickok. When I saw him today, he asked for a dance with you. Could I - — or should I...
Page 282 - That's the idea. There ain't room on a stage to do anything worth while. But there would be on a big lot where we could have horses and buffalo and the old Deadwood coach and everything! That'd be something they'd never seen before! That'd be showing them the West!
Page 31 - Mary's mad, And I am glad, And I know how to please her: A bottle of ink To make her stink And a little nigger to squeeze her.
Page 248 - Dnrg, he made some excellent speeches on temperance and was killed in the second act, it being very much regretted that he did not arrange his demise so that it could have occurred sooner. Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack are wonderful Indian killers. As an artistic success, 'The Scouts of the Plains' can hardly be called a season's event, but for downright fun, Injun killing, red fire and rough and tumble, it is a wonder.
Page 249 - ... applauded. Some one called out the fact that I was Mrs. Buffalo Bill. High up in the gallery came a strident voice : "Get up there on the stage! Let's take a look at you." "Yeh!" It was Will's voice, chiming in. "Come on up, Mamma." "Oh, Will !" I was blushing to the roots of my hair. "Stop!" "Stop nothing. You can't be any worse scared than I am. Come on up.
Page 249 - I'ma bad actor!" The house roared. Will threw me a kiss and then leaned forward again, while the house stilled. "Honest, Mamma," he shouted, "does this look as awful out there as it feels up here?
Page 232 - I know I'd be a fizzle at legislatin'. I don't know just how bad I'd be at actin'.
Page 253 - I'll never love any other woman — but there's one thing I can do, I can turn all my affection from the goddess to the god, and so help me, I'll never fail from worshipping him!

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