Memories of a Cavalier in One Volume - Or a Military Journal of the Wars in Germany and England 1632-1648

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Read Books, Mar 1, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 348 pages
THE NOVELS AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKiL OF DANIEL DE FOE. WITH A BIOGUAPHXCIL MEMOIR OF THE AUTHOR, LITERAR1 PREFACES TO THE VARIOUS PIECES, ILLUSTRATIVE NOTES, ETC. INCLUDING ALL CONTAINED IN THE EDITION ATTRIBUTED TO THE LATE SIR WALTER SCOTT, WITH CONSIDERABLE ADDITIONS VOL. VL MEMOIRS OF A CAVALIER. OXFORD FEINTED BY 2. A TALBOTS, FOR THOMAS TEGG, 73, CHBAFSIDB, LONDON. 1840. MEMOIRS OF A CAVALIEK OB A MILITARY JOURNAL OP The WARS in GERMANY, AND The WARS in England, From the Year 1632, to the Year 1648. Written above Fourscore Years ago by an English Gentle man, who served first vi the Army of Gustavm Adolphits, the glorious King of Sweden, till his Death and after that, in the Royal Army of King CHARLES the First, from the Beginning of the Rebellion, to the End of that War Sic ubi delect os per torva Agricola imponito sociarc Affectat anttro llti mdignantes quls nandum wnwre Mutto Ardua nodosos cervix desccndit in Armos, hi dwvrMi trahunt, atq qui wncit a luxant Virihu et vario confundunt limite Sulcos llaud secus irnhnuitob pr ceps Discordia Vr Stat. Thek Lib, 1. Et Vratrcb, natasq suos mderc 9 patrenque Depmmm cut civile nefas Lucan Lib. 4. ADVERTISEMENT TO THE EDINBURGH EDITION OF 1809, FROM WHICH THE PRESENT IS REPRINTED. WHETHEE this interesting work is considered as a romance, or as a series of authentic memoirs, in which the only fabulous circumstan6e is the exist ence of the hero it must undoubtedly be allowed to be of the best description of either species of composition, and to reflect additional lustre, even on the author of Robinson Crusoe. There is so much simplicity and apparent fidelity of statement throughout the narrative, that the feelings are little indebted tothose who would re move the veil and the former editors, perhaps, have acted not unwisely in leaving the circum stances of its authenticity in their original ob scurity. The Memoirs of a Cavalier, have long, however, been ascertained to be the production of DANIRL DB FOE Both the first and second editions were published without date but, from other evi dence, the work appears to have been written shortly after Robixuiou Crusoe, in 1720 1. X ADVERTISEMENT. A few Notes have been added to the present edi tion, collected from the periodical publications of the time, now rare and curious, to exhibit the exact coincidence of the facts themselves, with the transactions narrated in these Memoirs. Edinburgh, 1809. THE PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION. As an evidence that it is very probable these memorials were written many years ago, the persons now concerned in the publication, assure the reader, that they have had them in their possession finished, as they now appear, above twenty years. That they were so long ago found by great accident, among other valuable papers, in the closet of an eminent public minister, of no less figure than one of king Williams secretaries of state As it is not proper to trace them any further, so neither is there any need to trace them at all, to give reputation to the story related, seeing the actions here mentioned have a sufficient sanction from all the histories of the times to which they relate, with this addition, that the admirable man ner of relating them, and the wonderful variety of incidents, with which they are beautified in the course of a private gentlemans story, add such delight in the reading, and give such a lustre, as well to the accounts themselves, as to the person who was the actor that no story, we believe, ex tant in the world ever came abroad with sach ad vantage. xii PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION...

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