Men in Peril III

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Nazca Plains Corporation, Mar 6, 2011
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Someone like Christopher Trevor is able to embellish a situation and bring life and vivid colors to it. He can really make me sing my song of laughter whenever he puts me in a ticklish tale and predicament. Since reading stories like Christopher Trevor's and then starring in some of them, as I have once again starred in two of them in this book you are holding, I realize how the hand (and fingers) of the right guy or gal really stimulates me.-Timmy Backman-Christopher has portrayed a very convincing and human character analysis of men and when they are imperiled, and his inner conflict of starting to give over his own self to another's control and to re-develop his inner longings, and fears in order to make himself a stronger person from it. Sexuality itself was a secondary issue in the case of this book. -Master Jeff-

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