Mental Models: The Super Guide to Improve Decision Making, Problem Solving and Logical Analysis. Advanced Learning Guide to Critical Thinking. The Art of Clear Thinking.

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Independently Published, Jul 29, 2019 - 167 pages
The Guide to Every Mental Model you Could Possibly Need

You might have heard the popular phrase, "What you see is what you get."

That phrase suggests that our view of the world inhibits our capability to experience it.

Some would debate with the fact that an individual who has never experienced love in their lives has a massive deal of difficulty searching, keeping, or supporting an excellent relationship.

In the same way, if you have grown up in hopeless poverty, it takes a huge deal of personal change before you could live along with abundance effortlessly.

In a world loaded of concentration, mental models are the strongest argument for implementing a more multidisciplinary methodology.

The idea behind the mental model is that wide exposure to an extensive spectrum of the issue allows you to influence the most practical understanding from each, allowing you to make better choices.

Once you place yourself at the intersection of numerous disciplines, you establish the power to connect seemingly unconnected dots in a manner, which most are otherwise not capable of exploring.

This is where genuine creativity and the most advanced solutions are seen.

Mental Models is a book designed to upgrade your thinking along with the best, most practical and powerful tools, so you have the right one on hand.

This book will outline the most versatile, multipurpose mental models you can utilize today to enhance your productivity, decision-making, and to help you clearly perceive the world around you.

In this book, you will explore what forces administer the universe and how to concentrate your efforts so you could connect them to your own benefit, instead of struggling with them.

Today is a perfect time that you boost your mental toolbox.

It covers ideas from different disciplines like social science, literature, business, psychology, decision-making, statistics, social science, and more.

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