Metering: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Nonfiction Usage Governmental UsageHistorical Economy in India. In particular, there is an emphasis on the need to upgrade metering and billing systems.Historical Economy in India. Some recent metering contracts from the electricity boards have been in the range of US $20 to US $40 million.Historical Economy in India. The metering market in India is already worth about US $250-$300 million a year.Historical Economy in Romania. The project (estimated cost: $231 million) will require the procurement of the following goods and services: rehabilitation and installation of optical fiber; upgrading of telecommunications terminal equipment; supply and installation of OffGrid communication links with major power stations; supply and installation of the metering system for the wholesale electricity market, including Current-Transformer, Voltage-Transformer, and Remote-Terminal-Unit facilities; hardware and software for the market operator; and consulting.Historical Economy in Romania. Transelectrica, the electricity transmission and dispatching company, has received loans from EBRD, EIB, and EC-PHARE for a project designed to improve the reliability of the power transmission and communications systems and to provide the necessary metering facilities to support the development of a competitive power market.Patent UsageA Meter to Internet Pathway: Patented by John G. Van Heter on December 22, 2000. Abstract: Method and system to collect measurements (160-162) from multiple metering devices (10-17). The collector devices (20-22) store and forward measurement information through a network connection (50) to a remote processing center (60) to generate an output based on the measurement information.A Method and a System for Metering Consumer Non-Durables, in Particular Electricity, Gas and Water: Patented by Jan F. Nicolaisen on March 20, 2001. Abstract: A novel method for two-way communication for measurement and accounting preparation regarding consumption of electricity or other consumer non-durables, implies that measurement interval and time points for measurement can be set freely by the customer, that only the difference through the measurement interval is recorded, and that exchange of data is determined on order from the customer.A Portable Device for Accurately Metering and Delivering Cohesive Bulk Solid Powders: Patented by Barton J. Firman, Timothy A. Bell, Thomas L. Krieger, Darryl W. Geyen, Michael T. Hyzny and James T. Delfunt on April 20, 2001. Abstract: The present invention relates to a portable device for metering and delivering a desired weight of a cohesive particulate solid material such as pigmentary titanium dioxide.A Utility Metering System Incorporating a Transaction Authorisation System: Patented by Michael Jarman and Gavin Howard on May 18, 2001. Abstract: A transaction authorisation system comprises a user interface unit (30) capable of accepting a transaction authorisation and a utility meter (10) provided at a location having an associated location identifier unique to the location, wherein the utility meter (10) is arranged to communicate with the user interface unit (10), to obtain a transaction authorisation, and to transmit an authorisation request based on the transaction authorisation and location identifier to obtain authorisation of the transaction.Active compensation metering system: Patented by Randall Everett Allen on September 3, 1999. Abstract: This invention relates generally to systems for depositing a material onto a surface, and more particularly, to control systems for metering the amount of material being dispensed. The present invention provides an active compensation metering system that automatically compensates for material changes due to changes in material pressure, material temperature, and material viscosity.

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