Metrication in the United States: A Friendly Chat

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, 2012 - Education - 128 pages
Through a friendly chat, this educational story tells a bit of history and using approximations, instead of conversions between the inch-pound and metric systems, explores the basics of the metric system used in everyday life. Jim, a reporter, writer and part-time teacher, is knowledgeable and experienced with the metric system. Nathan, friend of Jim, physically shows and emotionally vocalizes his feelings against the metric system. After calming Nathan, Jim teaches Nathan and Rachel, a young college student, the basics of the metric system, including the physical quantities (meter, gram, liter, and Celsius) and prefixes (kilo, hecto, deka, deci, centi and milli). They cover units, prefixes, length, weight, volume, speed, distance, and temperature.

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