Metropolitan Policies and Plans: A Text-book for the Agency Force

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Ordinary Department, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 1917 - Life insurance - 153 pages

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Page 39 - Irrespective of any other cause of disability the entire and irrecoverable loss of the sight of both eyes, or the severance of both hands at or above the wrists, or of both feet at or above the ankles, or of one entire hand and one entire foot...
Page 11 - If the reserve upon any endowment policy applied according to the provisions of this section as a single premium of temporary insurance be more than sufficient to continue the insurance to the end of the endowment term named in the policy, and if the insured survive that term, the excess shall be paid in cash at the end of such term, on the conditions on which the original policy was issued.
Page 35 - State of , herein called the. insured, on the — - day of , if the insured be then living, or upon receipt at said home office of due proof of the prior death of the insured, to , beneficiar — , with (insert "out...
Page 47 - ... Pierowich September 15, 1931. The insured was divorced and in consequence on November 23, 1934 directed the insurance company to hold the proceeds of the policy ($2,000) until each of two sons, then 8 and 10 respectively, attain the age of 21 years. The company was authorized to retain interest thereon at the rate which the company may each year declare on such funds (but at no less rate than three and onehalf per centum per annum) and to compound this interest annually until the child in question...
Page 35 - Dollars, less any indebtedness hereon to the Company and any unpaid portion of the premium for the then current policy year.
Page 18 - ... the right to change the beneficiary at any time, without the consent of...
Page 67 - Insured, the unpaid instalments will be commuted at the rate of three and one-half per cent, per annum compound interest and paid in one sum to the executors or administrators of the Beneficiary.
Page 38 - Injury or by disease, so that he Is and will be permanently, continuously and wholly prevented thereby from performing any work for compensation or profit, or from following any gainful occupation.
Page 14 - In any state in which a judgment is a lien upon the property of the judgment debtor and in which the judgment debtor is entitled to a stay of execution, a judgment debtor is entitled, in the district court held therein, to such stay as would be accorded him had the action been maintained in the courts of that state.
Page 38 - Company satisfactory proof of the continuance of such disability ; and if the Insured shall fail to furnish such proof, or if It shall appear to the Company that the Insured is able to perform any work or to follow any occupation whatsoever for compensation, gain or profit, all premiums thereafter falling due must be paid in conformity with this contract.

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