Michael and His Lost Angel: A Play in Five Acts

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Macmillan, 1895 - 107 pages

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Page 45 - They denied themselves love here that they might gain heavenly happiness hereafter. AUDRIE. Now that their hearts have been dust all these hundreds of years, what good is it to them that they denied themselves love? MICHAEL. You think — AUDRIE. I think a little love on this earth is worth a good many paradises hereafter.
Page 52 - ... s yours — AUDRIE. You dare go on — now you know ? MICHAEL. Yes. AUDRIE. Ah ! I thought it was only women who dared hell for love. I won't take your sacrifice — I will leave you. MICHAEL. You will ? Yes, it must be so ! My work, my vows — I cannot, may not taste of earthly love. Oh, it 's cruel to dash the cup from my lips ! [Pause; then very calmly ] You are right ! I feel that we are choosing heaven or hell for both our souls this night ! Help me to choose heaven for you, and I 'll help...
Page 58 - Didn't that strange secretary of yours think it curious that you came back on Thursday instead of Saturday ? MICHAEL. No. I explained that, when Withycombe brought me your telegram, I thought it better to return at once, in case you had started to come, and had been somehow lost. AUDRIE. Let us go carefully through it all as it happened, to make sure. To-day is Friday. On Wednesday I telegraphed to Withycombe to be at the landing-place at Saint Decuman's with a boat at six o'clock in the evening,...
Page 96 - I am not worthy to continue my sacred office, not worthy to be the channel of grace to you. It was the dearest wish of my life to restore this beautiful temple, and to be Heaven's vicar here. I have raised it again, but I may not enter. I dare not enter. I have sinned — as David sinned. I have broken the sanctity of the marriage vow. It is my just sentence to go forth from you, not as your guide, your leader, your priest; but as a broken sinner, humbled in the dust before the Heaven he has offended.
Page 94 - ... stops.) Do let me put some flowers on the altar — just to remind you. Your memory is so bad, you know. (He raises his hand very quietly and turns his back on her. She stands very quiet and hopeless for a few seconds, then takes up the basket of flowers, goes a step or two towards transept, turns.) I'm going to be very ill after this. (He stands at altar in an attitude of prayer, his back to her.) Do you hear, I'm going to be very ill? There's a little string in my heart — I've just heard...
Page 100 - Remember what it has already cost him. SIR LYOLF. Yes, I know. But love is love, and whether it comes from heaven, or whether it comes from the other place, there 's no escaping it. I believe it always comes from heaven!
Page 26 - 11 hang it up. AUDRIE [a little intercepting him"]. No. Let me look at it. Let me hold it in my hands. I won't kiss it without your permission. [She takes it and looks at it intently.] Tell me — what is your strange belief about it ? MICHAEL. My mother was a deeply religious woman, and before my birth she consecrated me to this service as Hannah consecrated Samuel.
Page 20 - scene," you know. I felt terribly distressed for the poor girl. And yet I envied her. MICHAEL. Envied her? AUDRIE (leaning a little more in at the window). You must allow she was the heroine of the occasion, though you were certainly very impressive yourself, and did your part very well. Still, after all, it's the man who is to be hanged who is the central figure in the proceedings. And the poor little creature looked exquisitely pathetic and graceful, and so sweetly innocent — quite good enough...

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