Michigan Reports: Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan, Volum 15


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Side 80 - Columbia," in a brand for flour, and dismissed the bill. From this decree the present appeal is prosecuted. We are clearly of opinion that there is no error in the judgment of the court below.
Side 353 - Names, nor for omitting to state the Time at which the Offence was committed, in any Case where Time is not of the Essence of the Offence, nor for stating the Time imperfectly, nor for stating the Offence to have been committed on a Day subsequent to the finding of the Indictment or exhibiting the Information, or on an impossible Day, or on a Day that never happened...
Side 199 - A bill to annul a marriage on the ground that one of the parties was under the age of legal consent may be exhibited by the parent or guardian entitled to the custody of such minor...
Side 194 - Where there are different statutes in pari materia, though made at different times, or even expired, and not referring to each other, they shall be taken and construed together, as one system, and as explanatory of each other.
Side 22 - Every contract for the leasing for a longer period than one year, or for the sale of any lands, or any interest in lands, shall be void, unless the contract, or some note or memorandum thereof expressing the consideration, be in writing, and be subscribed by the party by whom the lease or sale is to be made.
Side 321 - The right of trial by jury shall remain, but shall be deemed to be waived in all civil cases, unless demanded by one of the parties, in such manner as shall be prescribed by law.
Side 526 - No liability is assumed for errors in cipher or obscure messages, nor is any liability assumed by this company for any error or neglect by any other company over whose lines this message may be sent to reach its destination...
Side 201 - Marriage, so far as its validity in law is concerned, is a civil contract, to which the consent of parties capable in law of contracting is essential.
Side 526 - In order to guard against and correct as much as possible some of the errors arising from atmospheric and other causes appertaining to telegraphy, every important message should be repeated by being sent back from the station at which it is received to the station from which it is originally sent.
Side 497 - Specific performance of contracts must always rest in the sound discretion of the court, to be decreed or not as shall seem just and equitable under the peculiar circumstances of each case.

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