Microfilming: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageUnited States - News: February 6, 2002 - Headline: Freedman's Records Help African Americans Trace Heritage. Excerpt: The job was assigned to Howard University, which was founded in Washington in 1867 by the Freedmen's Bureau commissioner, Union general O.O. Howard. Howard's president has promised that an army of scholars will attack the microfilming and indexing project. One of the scholars in that army will be Howard history professor Joseph Reidy, who calls the Freedmen's Bureau records priceless.Legal UsageGovernment of Argentina. Decree 385 of 1/28/1970 regulates Law 18569 authorizing the microfilming of documents by the army. Published in Boletin Oficial de la Republica Argentina on January 28, 1970.Government of Argentina. Law 18569 of 1/28/1970 authorizes the microfilming of documents by the army. Published in Boletin Oficial de la Republica Argentina on January 28, 1970.Government of Argentina. Law 19931 of 11/6/1972 authorizes the Bank of the Argentine Nation to use the microfilming process for its books, documents, etc. Published in Boletin Oficial de la Republica Argentina on November 06, 1972.Government of Colombia. Resolution 015379 issued by the Civil Status National Registrar on 9 August 2004, establishes the Identification Files Group. It expresses that the Registrar is to be composed by fingerprinting, alphabetical, microfilming, and photographic files. It specifies the functions of the Registrar. Published in Diario Oficial on September 08, 2004.Government of Cuba. Law 713 of 22 January 1960 creates the Hemeroteca Central attached to the National Archives, provides for deposit therein of all periodicals and serials, newspapers, etc., and for microfilming of collections of all public and private libraries. Published in Gaceta Oficial on January 22, 1960.Government of Dominican Republic. Decree 238-00 designates that the Inter-American Center for Microfilming and Restoration of Documents, Books and Photographs be renamed and known as National Center for Document Conservation. Designates the Administrative Secretariat for the Presidency with the authority to effectuate this decree. Published in Gaceta Oficial on May 29, 2000.Government of Ecuador. Resolution 137 of 18 March, 1965 amends Article 4 of Resolution 53 of 28 October, 1964 (R.O. 4 November, 1964) regarding the microfilming of checks paid by banks. Article in question concerns the characteristics of the microfilm machine. Published in Registro oficial on March 18, 1965.Government of Ecuador. Accord 785 of 12/24/85 approves the regulation for the administration of documents, files, and microfilm of the Ministerio de Energia yMinas. Deals with structure and functions; proceedings; filing systams; conservation, custody, and safety of documents; microfilming; general provisions. Repeals Accord 269 of 1/9/85. Published in Registro oficial on December 24, 1985.Government of Guatemala. Governmental Accord 94-88 of 23 February 1988 Approves the Regulation for the Destruction of Documents Concerning Accounts for Insurance and Financing Companies Prior to the Microfilming of these Documents. Establishes procedures in accordance with article 383 of the Commercial Code. Published in Diario de Centro America on February 23, 1988.

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