Micronutrients and Brain Health

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Lester Packer, Helmut Sies, Manfred Eggersdorfer, Enrique Cadenas
CRC Press, Oct 6, 2009 - Science - 460 pages
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Micronutrients and Brain Health addresses cutting-edge research related to processes of oxidative stress that affect brain function, an area of increasing significance for those concerned and involved with public health and translational medicine. Edited by four leading micronutrient researchers, the book brings together the investigative work of more than 70 leading researchers from across the world. Chapters identify brain-specific micronutrients that support function as well as the molecular mechanisms underlying their neuroprotectant activity. These explore age-related metabolic pathways, mitochondrial nutrients, neurodegeneration and micronutrients, cell signaling, and neuronal functions. General chapters are included on brain structure, function, and metabolism, while several other chapters are devoted to the role of specific micronutrients. The book explores how brain micronutrients are found to be both metabolic and redox regulators, thereby establishing a cross-talk between the major pathways involved in modulation of cell signaling and gene expression. Specific areas of research covered include:

  • Uses of nutritional interventions to target age-related neuronal and behavioral deficits
  • Effects of various micronutrients on Alzheimer’s disease, including lipoic acid, green tea, and Ginkgo biloba extracts
  • Nutrients specific to essential mitochondrial functions
  • Cognitive and behavioral consequences of iron deficiency with specific emphasis on women of reproductive age
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and their relation to brain function in the elderly
  • Challenges inherent in the development of neuroprotective-neurorescue drugs

This book belongs to the groundbreaking CRC Press Series on Oxidative Stress and Disease. The series now includes more than two dozen volumes that address increasing evidence regarding the multiple ways that oxidative stress initiates and accelerates disease mechanisms. Most importantly, this book, like the series, offers invaluable information regarding nutritional and lifestyle choices, and pharmaceutical interventions that can be employed to prevent, control, and even ameliorate disease processes attributed to oxidative stress.


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Chapter 1 Neuroprotection after Cardiac Arrest by Avoiding Acute Hyperoxia and by Antioxidant Genomic Postconditioning
Chapter 2 The Neuroprotective Role of Micronutrients in Parkinsons Disease
Chapter 3 Phytoestrogens and Brain Health
Chapter 4 Food Antioxidants and Alzheimers Disease
A Longitudinal Study in the Canine Model of Human Aging
Protection by Memantine and NitroMemantine at NMDAGated Channels
Chapter 7 Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of Iron Deficiency in Women of Reproductive Age
Priorities and Assessment
Chapter 16 Actions of Bioactive Phytochemicals in Cell Function and Alzheimers Disease Pathology
Chapter 17 Does Ginkgo biloba Extract Exert an Effect on Alzheimers Disease Progression?
Chapter 18 Green Tea Polyphenols Protect Neurons against Alzheimers Disease and Parkinsons Disease
Chapter 19 Transport of Flavonoids into the Brain
Chapter 20 Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases by SpiceDerived Phytochemicals
Chapter 21 Neurohormetic Properties of the Phytochemical Resveratrol
Chapter 22 Sirtuin1 and Resveratrol
Chapter 23 AcetyllCarnitine and Ferulic Acid Action in Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Chapter 9 Therapeutics of Alzheimers Disease Based on Metal Bioavailability
Chapter 10 Lipoic Acid as a Novel Treatment for Mild Cognitive Impairment and EarlyStage Alzheimers Disease
Chapter 11 Zinc and the Cytoskeleton in Neuronal Signaling
The Most Potent Biological Function of All Natural Forms of Vitamin E
Nutritional Interventions Targeting AgeRelated Neuronal and Behavioral Deficits
Chapter 14 Modulation of Multiple Pathways Involved in the Maintenance of Neuronal Function by Fisetin
Chapter 15 Dietary Flavonoids as Neuroprotective Agents
DHA Choline Iron and Vitamin D
Chapter 25 Omega3 Fatty Acids and Brain Function in Older People
Development of NeuroprotectiveNeurorescue Drugs
Chapter 27 Antioxidative Defense of Brain Microglial Cells
Chapter 28 BranchedChain Amino Acids and Brain Metabolism
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