Military Standard Common APSE (Ada Programming Support Environment) Interface Set (CAIS).

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Defense Technical Information Center, 1985 - 334 halaman
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This document provides specifications for a set of Ada packages, with their intended semantics, which together form the set of common interfaces for Ada Programming Support Environments (APSEs). This set of interfaces is known as the Common APSE Interface Set (CAIS). This interface set is designed to promote the source-level portability of Ada programs, particularly Ada software development tools. The CAIS applies to Ada Programming Support Environments which are to become the basic software life-cycle environments for Department of Defense (DoD) mission critical computer systems (MCCS). Those Ada programs that are used in support of software development are defined as tools. This includes the spectrum of support software from project management through code development, configuration management and life-cycle support. Tools are not restricted to only those software items normally associated with program generation, such as editors, compilers, debuggers, and linker-loaders. Groups of tools that are composed of a number of independent but interrelated programs (such as a debugger which is related to a specific compiler) are classed as tool sets. The goal of the CAIS is to promote interoperability and transportability of Ada software across DoD APSEs.

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