Miller's Wristwatches: How to Compare & Value

Front Cover
Electric watches, divers’ watches, novelty watches, cool watches from the 60s, and elite watches like the Rolex V and Chronograph I: it’s time for wristwatches to rule the market, and these fabulous examples are coveted as much for style as practicality. More and more people—especially young men—have delved into this collecting area, and an increasing number of auctions and dealers have fueled interest. Take a look at what’s available and what it’s worth, along with an overview of developments in watchmaking decade by decade. Throughout, two-page color spreads compare and contrast pairs of related watches, with analyses of why one is more valuable than the other—whether it’s because of age, authenticity, rarity, maker, material, marks, lack of defects, or later additions and restoration. Also included: an illustrated section on fakes and replicas and how to spot them.

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