Million Dollar Nickels: Mysteries of the Illicit 1913 Liberty Head Nickels Revealed

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Framed in the backdrop of a nationwide media frenzy and a public mad with the hope of finding the multi-million dollar coin, this is the story of America's most eccentric and famous collectors, persistent reporters searching for the truth, shameless profiteers, and agents of the Smithsonian Institute desperate to stay above the fray. Enterprising collectors spared no expense over the decades advertising to purchase a 1913 Liberty Head nickel, prompting generations of collectors to search cans of coins and old collections they inherited, all for the hope of finding the prized 1913 Liberty Head nickel. In the end, it was an anonymous heiress with an old envelope, upon which was written the word fake, that held the truth. With that envelope and the coin inside, six of the world's most respected coin experts sat in a small room under the vigilant watch of armed guards. Few expected what they found. And what they found rewrote numismatic history...

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Not a review, just information. I know personally directly from Dr. C. A. Bolt that he traded the 1913 Liberty Nickle for $5,000 worth of other coins. I do not know to whom he traded them. He said he kept the coin in the local bank, and would sometimes take it out and carry it around. He was concerned that he might accidentally spend it. He also said he wished he had not traded it.
Dr. Bolt was the only Doctor I knew until I was a teenager, and in fact, he was the attending physician at my birth. I am thinking he told me and my mother the above story sometime around 1952-1955. He knew I had some coins and he would talk to me about them, as I would hardly speak around him for any other reason. I remember he was impressed that I knew who was on the US paper bills, all the way to $1,000, even though I must have been about 8 or 9 years old.


Americas Early Nickels
A Question of Legitimacy
The Mysterious Mr Brown
Beginning of an Enigmatic Pedigree
Separate Paths to Glory
Disappearing Act
The Clockwork Miracle
Secret Midnight Meeting
Found Numismatic Shock of the Century
An Unfinished Tale

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