Mincing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature MincingInwardly I was chuckling, but Quince was mincing along with his dinner, showing that languid indifference which is inborn to the Texan.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.Sometimes I was able to procure a goat, on which occasion a grand dish was made, the paunch being arranged as a Scotch 'haggis' of wild fowls' livers and flesh minced, with the usual additions.ndash;Samuel White Baker in The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile.We young girls have only two ways to act; we must let a man know we love him by mincing and simpering, or we must go to him frankly.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Modeste Mignon (tr Katharine Prescott Wormeley).Her ways were mincing and precise, and she lazed away her days quite artistically.ndash;E.J. Banfield in The Confessions of a Beachcomber.His utterance is slow, minced, and split into syllables.ndash;Francis W. Blagdon in Paris As It Was and As It Is (A Sketch Of The French Capital, Illustrative of the Effects of the Revolution), vols 1,2.So the cook took the heart, and expended all his skill and pains upon it, mincing it and mixing with it plenty of good seasoning, and made thereof an excellent ragout; and in due time Sieur Guillaume and his lady sat them down to table.ndash;Giovanni Boccaccio in The Decameron, vol 1.The pony minced and boggled; the stag's antlers stood out sharp on the rise against a patch of sky, looking like a skeleton tree.ndash;John Buchan in Moon Endureth [Tales/Fancies].At some remote period of time it had no doubt been looked upon as a triumph of ingenuity, a patent mincing machine.ndash;Frank T. Bullen in The Cruise of the Cachalot.One officer superintended the mincing, another exercised a general supervision over all.ndash;Frank T. Bullen in The Cruise of the Cachalot.But Trevanion had found her phraseology too mincing, too effeminate, too much that of the boudoir.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in The Caxtons, part 8.

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