Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities

Front Cover
Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities The purpose of this book is to be a useful resource for individuals and families affected by mental illness. The book focuses on Black communities due to the specific needs and issues of mental health in this population. These issues include inequalities in care in most settings, cultural differences in how symptoms present, concerns and common myths about illnesses that affect the mind. Although this book is specific to the Black Community, it is a usable resource for anyone who is affected by mental illness or a family member who cares for them. The information contained in this book crosses culture and race. Understand that mental health is seen in all communities and may cause difficulties for patients and family members who love them. When one person suffers, the family and the entire village is affected and suffers along with him or her. We hope that by the end of this book, the reader will understand how mental illness affects the individual, the family, the home, the extended family, and collectively, the community. We anticipate that we can demystify psychiatry allowing people to know that mental disorders are not something to fear or ridicule. It is important that the public understands that these are medical disorders of the mind that are treatable. Sadly, so often people needlessly suffer. This book is written for the patients, families, community activists, social workers, police officers, paramedics, and first responders. It is a useful tool for individuals interested in mental health so that they can learn for themselves or take what they learn back to the community. This book is written so that it can be understandable and easily digestible for patients, families, and for just about anyone interested in mental health or psychiatry. The framework of the book is to discuss the most common psychiatric diagnoses. The intent is to be a brief, usable book for most people affected by or interested in mental health. This book is a basic resource for building an understanding for mental health. It is designed to be read cover to cover, but readers will also be able to go to specific chapters that pertain to them as individuals. This book is also useful for professionals who want to provide their patients with a resource for information and understanding of their diagnoses and what to expect in treatment and care.

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