Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 77

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Vols. 39-204 (1874/75-1916/17) have a section 3 containing "Abstracts of papers in foreign transactions and periodicals" (title varies); issued separately, 1919-37, as the institution's Engineering abstracts from the current periodical literature of engineering and applied science, published outside the United Kingdom.

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Page 369 - Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man...
Page 265 - The contractor shall furnish, without charge, such specimens (prepared) of the several kinds of material to be used as may be required to determine their character.
Page 265 - At least one sample in three must bend 180 degrees to this curve without cracking. When nicked on one side, and bent by a blow from a sledge, the fracture must be nearly all fibrous, showing but few crystalline specks. 109. Specimens from angle, plate...
Page 70 - That would have been the truth and nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth.
Page 102 - ... in themselves calculated as sufficient to resist the end strain on the breech, independently of the strength afforded by the tube. The whole is encased in hoops shrunk upon the exterior of the coil, for the treble...
Page 362 - On the Conversion of Dynamical into Electrical Force without the aid of Permanent Magnetism.
Page 457 - Hence, if a charge of ore is first lixiviated with ordinary sodium hyposulphite solution to dissolve the silver chloride, and, subsequently, with cuprous hyposulphite, — this solvent is called the extra-solution, — an additional amount of silver is extracted which would have been lost in the tailings by working according to the old method alone.
Page 362 - Since the great discovery of magnetic electricity by Faraday in 1830, electricians have had recourse to mechanical force for the production of their most powerful effects ; but the power of the magneto-electrical machine seems to depend in an equal measure upon the force expended on the one hand, and upon permanent magnetism on the other.
Page 367 - Meeting. [Nov. 30, whether, like a phoenix, it shall hereafter give rise to some other outcome from its own ashes, it will ever be remembered as having set many active minds at work, and will always have a place in the history of Solar Physics.
Page 263 - The pitch of rivets in the direction of the stress shall not exceed 6 inches, nor sixteen times the thickness of the thinnest outside plate connected, nor be less than three times the diameter of the rivet.

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