Miracle Food Cures from the Bible: The Creator's Plan for Optimal Health

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Penguin, Apr 1, 1999 - Cooking - 432 pages
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An ever-growing body of scientific research demonstrates the importance of holistic treatments that focus on the mind-body connection for good health. In this regard, the folk remedies of the ancient peoples often prove astonishingly effective. This practical guide helps readers apply the remarkable healing power of many of the foods and herbs described in the Old and New Testaments to common ailments. From the use of red wine to cure bacteria and viruses, to the arthritis-easing and wrinkle-removing properties of olive oil, this treasury of practical and inspirational healing secrets includes:
  • The sacred medicinal drink that prevents blood clots, relieves pain, and melts fat off artery walls
  • Real-life examples that demonstrate the curative power of plant oils, figs, grapes, red wine
  • The amazing health-giving power of a blessed grain
  • Information on how doctors and patients have treated canker sores, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, cancer, and heart disease

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Wonderful information for the herbalista

User Review  - queenvic59 - Overstock.com

Many foods and herbs in the Old and New Testaments are discussed in this informative book. Many common ailments are listed with the Bible foods that heal them and stories are given of cures from ... Read full review

User Review  - Maggie - Christianbook.com

This is a great book. I have already tried some of these remedies---they work!! Read full review


Free of Genital Warts
An Anticlotting Medicine from the Bible
Helps Boost Estrogen Level for Women Fights Osteoporosis
A Bible Food Cure
Use the juice Too
What Strange Power Does This Oil Possess?
The Pain in Every Joint Was Gone
Keeps the Heart Healthy Arteries Clean Lowers Blood Pressure

What Strange Powers Do These Bitter Herbs Possess?
A Safe Nonprescription Pain Reliever
Even the Most Serious Cases Have Been Rapidly Cured with This Bible Food
A Bible Food Remedy for Gallstone Distress
A Bible Food for Low Blood Sugar RecentOnset Diabetes
Arthritic Cripple Goes Dancing After Using 2 Bitter Herbs from Last Supper
A Bible Food for Night Blindness
How to Use This Bible Healing Food
Two Forgotten Plants of Noble History
Woman 86 Claims Osteoporosis Gone after Drinking Juice of Three Bible Plants
A Bible Food for Stones Gravel and Male Birth Control
A BibleFood Remedy for Gingivitis
The Healing Powers ofCharoset
The Miracle inCharosetThat Relieves Heart Pain
Hundreds Cured of Kidney and Gallstones in 2 Days
HowCandidaInfections Vanished?
Skin Blemishes Just Seem to Disappear as If by Magic
The Miracle inCharosetChosen by Jesus as His Symbol of Salvation
The Miracle inCharosetThat Helps Prevent Thinning Bones
The Miracle inCharosetThat Relieves Celiac Disease Constipation and Insomnia
Many Ailments Relieved with This Wonderful Bible Healing Food
Biblical Food Remedy for Vaginitis
How the Holy Oil of the Tabernacle Protects Against Botulism Staph Infections Candida and Tuberculosis
Hopeless Diabetic Sent Home to Die Still Alive 30 Years Later Thanks to 3 Healing Bible Foods
Bible Food Helps Prevent Hernias
How to Use This Miracle Healing Food
A Natural Alternative to Prescription Drugs for Gout
Sciatic Pain Relief
Bible Healing Food Keeps Woman 96 Free of Cataracts
The Remarkable Story of Essiac
Given 6 Months to Live Her Aunt Recovers
8 Doctors Claim It Relieves Pain Can Do No Harm
Given Days to Live Her Mother Recovers
By GodYouve Got It
The Most Humane Satisfactory and Frequently Successful Remedy They Had Found
55000 Sign Petition
Compelling Testimonies
Not a Cure But Brings Comfort Relieves Pain
Remarkably Beneficial Results
Theres Something To It
Am 100 for Essiac
How to Make Essiac
The Turning Point
Other Conditions Helped
A Closer Look at Essiac
Where to Buy Herbs
Still Deemed Unproven
Miraculous Healing Power
A Priests Accidental Discovery
Absolutely Safe
A New Lease on Life
Medical Journals Were Bulging with Exciting Reports
Too Good To Be Forgotten
In Every Case Blood PressureWas Reduced Often Dramatically
Uses Limitations Safety
Astonishing Facts about This Bible Plant
How This Bible Plant Saved a Life
Controlling Blood Pressure Diabetes and Other Problems34
Healing Stomach Ulcers
Hair Growth Stimulated Acne Healed
Speeds Healing of Sore Gums
Within a Week the Bedsores Were Gone38
Healing Burns
Healing Allergies Dermatitis and a Kidney Infection
How to Grow This Bible Healing Plant at Home
Spear Water
Anticancer Power in a Grain Blessed by Jesus
The Miracle in a Humble Grain
Used Successfully for Sinusitis Heart Infections
Extra Benefit
Relieves Chronic Constipation
Boosts Energy Dramatically
The Universal Miracle Cure?
How Omega3 Can Ward off Cancer
Omega3 for HIV
Asthma Bronchitis Emphysema
Multiple Sclerosis
How You May Cheat Death with an Ounce a Day of Omega3
How to Quickly Normalize a Subnormal HDL Count
Much Less Expensive Much Safer
Ulcerative Colitis
Raynauds Disease Helped
The Miracle of Selenium
Wrinkles Erased Skin Smoother Heart and Memory Improved
The Secret That May Actually Make You Young Again
A Healing Oil That May Make You Immune to Disease
More Miracles from This Healing Oil62
No Significant Side Effects
Tests on Humans65
Pain Relief Shrinking Tumors and Two Miracle Cures Claimed66
Ailments Most and Least Likely to Be Affected67
Effect on Other Conditions70
Miraculous Relief for Arthritis
Rapid and Astonishing Results
How to Regain Normal Use of Joints in 7 Days
A Vitamin in This Oil Protects against Viruses Bacteria Infections
Effect on Cancer
Vitamins in This Oil That Lower Cholesterol
Wipes out Common Cold
The Twin Miracle in This Oil
Defies Doctors Avoids Double Amputation with Strange Medicine
And Build My Temples
The Secret of Manna
Bible Passage Leads Her to Miraculous Juice Medicine
Multiple Sclerosis Emphysema Arthritis and Cancer Victims Find Relief
How to Enjoy the Juice of This Bible Healing Plant at Home
Many Ailments Helped
Claims Her Arthritis and Colitis Healed with This Secret Hair Color Returns
A Miracle Ingredient in This Bible Food for Womens Problems
Epilepsy Paralysis Blindness Miraculously Healed
Amazing Improvement from Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy Healed
A Heart Medicine Revealed by Angels
Sacred Medicinal Drink Has Penicillin Power
Kills Viruses Pencillin Cant Touch
The Man Who Lived in 3 Centuries
Overcomes Stiffness in Spine Hips Shoulders and Knees
Doing Somersaults at 100 Bicycling at 108 Dancing with a Teenaged Girl at 110
ExtraStrength Oil
An AllPurpose Miracle Remedy?
How This Bible Healing Food Relieved GallBladder Problems
Earlier Medical Findings
Absorbed by Her Skin It Lowers Her Cholesterol
A Famous Remedy for Constipation
Relief for Earaches and Inner Ear Infections
Secret of WrinkleFree Skin
Stomach and Intestinal Pains Ceased in Minutes
Relief for Stones Gravel Kidney and Bladder Problems
Fun to Eat Good for the Heart
A Delicious Way to Eat It
More Startling Facts
Thousands of Women Use This Plant for Relief of Menopausal Rheumatism
New Treatment for Psoriasis Revealed in Ancient Tablets
A Bible Food Aphrodisiac and a Remedy for Parkinsons from the Book of Daniel
The Bible Wonder Cure for Diabetes
Kidney Blockage Stones and Gravel Rheumatism and Gout Disappeared
Official Flower Seeds of Holy Land Cure Nerve Pain Overnight
Blessed Holy Thistle
The Sun Gods Elixir
Relief for Stomach Ulcers Gallstones and Diverticulitis
Claims Migraine Cured
MosesToothache Remedy
Helps Preserve Vision in Old Age
A Powerful Bible Plant that Eliminated Arthritis Pain
Relief for Nausea Dizziness Morning Sickness
Hair Growth
Bible Food Remedy for Kidney Bladder Urinary Problems
Relief Claimed for Emphysema Sinusitis Head Cold and Flu
How the Oil Used to Bless Jesus Heals
Officially Recognized for over 200 Years
The Ultimate Aphrodisiac
More Surprising Facts
One of the Wise Mens Gifts to Baby Jesus Helps Chronic Lung Conditions Arthritis Blood Clots and More
An Ancient Vegetable Medicine Proves Its Worth
The SevenCandle Plant that Saves Lives
HeartHealing Power
A Remedy for Shaking Palsy
Useful for Halting Milk Flow Relieving Intestinal Spasms Relieving Fevers
Kidney Infection Gone
A Remedy for Bleeding Gums Laryngitis Tongue Sores Tonsillitis
A Plant from Solomons Garden that Acts as an Antibiotic
A Bible Healing Plant for Facial Neuralgia and Epileptic Fits
An Extraordinary Bible Food Medicine for Water Retention Urinary Infection Migraines and Poison Ivy
Overpowering Relief for Pain
Fallen Arches Cured
Anorexia Cured
Ancient Toothache Remedy Still Works
Protection from Bubonic Plague
The Worlds Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic
Asthma Bronchitis Emphysema and Other Respiratory Problems Relieved
Effective against Tuberculosis Brain Infection
AIDS Research
Effect of Garlic on AIDSRelated Infections
Preventing Clogged Arteries
Cheats Death with Bible Food
A Bible Food Remedy for Diabetes
Rejuvenates Liver
A Bible Food that Brings Speedy Relief for Intestinal Ailments
A BibleFood Cure for Diarrhea
Diarrhea Ceased Almost Immediately
How to Use this BibleFood Remedy for Diarrhea
BibleFood Cure Relieved Ringing Ears
A BibleFood Cure Brings Immediate Relief from Colds
BibleFood Cure Clears Sinus Congestion
BibleFood Remedy Claimed Effective for Viruses
BibleFood Cure for Vaginal Infection
BibleFood Cure for Impetigo
BibleFood Cure for Bedsores
BibleFood Cure for Athletes Foot
How Bible Foods Healed a Withered Arm
A Nectar of Heaven with Spectacular Germ Fighting Power
Medical Science Discovers This Bible Healing Food
Miracle Medicine for Lung Victims
A Cure for Hay Fever
A Fine Heart Stimulant
Seemingly Hopeless Cases Cured
Hopeless Ulcer Victims Cured
A Strong BibleFood Sedative that Can Relieve Insomnia
A BibleFood Cure for Muscle Cramps
Medicinal Uses
An AllPurpose Miracle Remedy
A Bible Plant Juice for the Heart
Bible Food Relieves Asthma and Bronchitis
Hailed as a Goiter Cure and an Amazing Weight Reducer
Burn and Hive Relief
Famous Bible Food Relieves Arthritis Rheumatism Gout
neuralgia and Sciatica Relieved
A Bible Food That Relieves Enlarged Prostate
How to Handle Nettles
Getting Started

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Reese Dubin is the author of a number of books from Prentice Hall. Rapid Healing Foods, Miracle Medicine Foods, Doctor’s Amazing Sped Reducing Diet, Telecult Power, and Miracle Food Cures from the Bible have sold over 1 million copies combined. Mr. Dubin lives in Northern New Jersey.

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