Miscellanea maximam partem critica, Volume 1

Front Cover
Friedrich Traugott Friedemann, Joachim Dietrich Gottfried Seebode
apud I.D. Gerstenbergium, 1822 - Classical literature

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Page 579 - Than wishest should be undone. Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear; And chastise with the valour of my tongue All that impedes thee from the golden round, Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem To have thee crown'd withal.
Page 575 - Every complete verb is expressive of an attribute ; of time ; and of an assertion. Now if we take away the assertion, and thus destroy the verb, there will remain the attribute and the time, which, make the essence of a participle. Thus take away the assertion from the verb !>*$«, writeth, and there remains the participle Tpaifcov, writing, which (without the assertion) denotes the same attribute and the same time.
Page 741 - Urbana praedia" omnia aedificia accipimus, non solum •ea quae sunt in oppidis, sed et si forte stabula...
Page 424 - Es bedarf nur der leichtesten Berührung mit den Fingerspitzen, um den Umwälzungen der Dinge ihre Bahnen, dem Mächtigern seine Schranken vorzuschreiben. Es ist die leichteste Arbeit von weiblichen Händen, wodurch der geheimnisvolle Umlauf der Dinge gelenkt wird.
Page 102 - Haec cum animadverterit, perspiciat deinceps, quonam modo tractandus sit discentis animus. Sunt quidam, nisi institeris, remissi, quidam imperia indignantur, quosdam continet metus, quosdam débilitât, alios continuatio extundit, in aliis plus im7 petus facit.
Page 631 - Canscha, signifies the object of our most ardent wishes. " Om, is the famous monosyllable used both at the beginning and conclusion of a prayer, or any religious rite, like amen. " Pacsha, exactly answers to the obsolete Latin word vix, it...
Page 176 - Dionysi tyranni vocis, qua pedibus tractum, non insidentem equo relinquere 9 tyrannidem dixerit deberé, facile esse momento, quo quis velit, cederé possessione magnae fortunae, faceré et parare earn difficile atque...
Page 374 - ... docere eos, qui sua permisere fortunae, nihil stabile ab illa datum esse, eius omnia aura fluere mobilius? nescit enim quiescere, gaudet laetis tristia substituere, utique miscere; itaque secundis nemo confidat, adversis 10 8 nemo deficiat: alternae sunt vices rerum.
Page 758 - Aenean. gemuit sub pondere cumba sutilis et multam accepit rimosa paludem. tandem trans fluvium incolumis vatemque virumque 415 informi limo glaucaque exponit in ulva. Cerberus haec ingens latratu régna trifauci personal adverso recubans immanis in antro, cui vates horrere videns iam colla colubris melle soporatam et medicatis frugibus offam 430 obicit.
Page 630 - Brahmens at the conclusion of religious rites. They are thus written in the language of the gods, as the...

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