Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-ninth Congress, Second Session, on S. 2367, to Authorize the Secretary of the Navy to Construct Aviation Facilities at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., and for Other Purposes; S. 2437, to Further Amend Section 304 of the Naval Reserve Act of 1938, as Amended, So as to Grant Certain Benefits to Naval Personnel Engaged in Training Duty Prior to Official Termination of World War II; S. 2401, to Amend the Act of May 4, 1898 (30 Stat. 369), as Amended, to Authorize the President to Appoint 250 Acting Assistant Surgeons for Temporary Service; Consideration of Projects Referred to Committee by the Bureau of Yards and Docks Covering Proposals of the Navy Dept. to Acquire Land Or Property, Or Dispose of Same, July 17, 1946

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946 - 17 halaman

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