Miscellaneous Poems, Volume 1

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J. Harrop, 1773 - English poetry - 353 pages

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Page 72 - I AM content, I do not care, Wag as it will the world for me; When fuss and fret was all my fare, It got no ground as I could see : So when away my caring went, I counted cost, and was content.
Page vi - Pleasure to look at, twas Music to hear. But now she is absent, I walk by its Side, And still, as it murmurs, do nothing but chide: 'Must you be so cheerful, while I go in pain? Peace there with your bubbling, and hear me complain.
Page vi - I was so good-humour'd, so cheerful and gay, My Heart was as light as a Feather all Day. But now I so cross and so peevish am grown, So strangely uneasy, as never was known. My fair one is gone, and my joys are all drown'd, And my Heart, - I am sure it weighs more than a Pound.
Page vii - Come hither, poor fellow,' and patted his head. . But now, when he's fawning, I with a sour look, Cry. 'Sirrah!' and give him a blow with my crook: And I'll give him another; for why should not Tray Be as dull as his master, when Phebe's away ? When walking with Phebe, what sights have I seen!
Page 45 - Bless me ! how people propagate a lie ! Black crows have been thrown up, three, two, and one; And here, I find, all comes, at last, to none. Did you say nothing of a crow at all? " " Crow — crow — perhaps I might, now I recall The matter over.
Page vi - My lambkins around me would oftentimes play, And Phebe and I were as joyful as they ; How pleasant their sporting, how happy their time, When spring, love and beauty were all in their prime ! But now, in their frolics when by me they pass, I fling at their fleeces a handful of grass ; "Be still," then I cry, "for it makes me quite mad To see you so merry, while I am so sad.
Page 73 - For chance or change of peace or pain, For Fortune's favour or her frown, For lack or glut, for loss or gain, I never dodge nor up nor down, But swing what way the ship shall swim, Or tack about with equal trim.
Page 44 - Change, This week, in short, as all the alley knows, Taking a puke, has thrown up three black crows." — " Impossible ! " — " Nay, but it's really true : I had it from good hands, and so may you.
Page 67 - Filching as much as ever they can carry : Then all the birds that fly along the air Light at my pond, and come in for a share: Item, at every puff of wind that blows, Away at once the surface of it goes : The rest, in exhalations to the sun — One month's fair weather — and I am undone.
Page 74 - With whom I feast I do not fawn, Nor if the folks should flout me, faint ; If wonted welcome be withdrawn, I cook no kind of a complaint : With none disposed to disagree, But like them best who best like me.

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