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Page 740 - Economic loss to the people of the United States through insects that carry disease.
Page 762 - It is within the power of man to rid himself of every parasitic disease" as well as the optimistic writings of Metchnikoff and others.
Page 720 - It must be enormous in Greece. People often seem to think that such a plague strengthens a race by killing off the weaker individuals ; but this view rests upon the unproven assumption that it is really the weaker children which can not survive. On the contrary, experience seems to show that it is the stronger blood which suffers most — the fair northern blood which nature attempts constantly to pour into the southern lands.
Page 649 - Report on the origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia.
Page 734 - Vitality . lected for the meaning of the term ' preventable ' is contained in the following definition: a ratio of preventability is the fraction of all deaths which would be avoided if knowledge now existing among well-informed men in the medical profession were actually applied in a reasonable way and to a reasonable extent.
Page 744 - We need to broaden our surveillance and control of pollution in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.
Page 15 - ... Europe ; I do not know how many in this country. I have tried to find the best and the worst. And while, as I say, I am aware that the worst exists, and as bad as under any system or as bad as in any age, I have never had to look beyond the inmates to find the cause ; and in every case, so far as my own observation goes, drunkenness was at the bottom of the misery, and not the industrial system or the industrial conditions surrounding the men and their families.
Page 623 - If we appraise each life lost at only $1,700 and each year's average earnings for adults at only $700, the economic gain to be obtained from preventing preventable disease, measured in dollars, exceeds one and a half billions. This gain, or the lengthening and strengthening of life which it measures, can be secured through medical investigation and practice, school and factory hygiene, restriction of labor of women and children, the education of the public in both public and private hygiene, and...
Page 640 - Table showing the probability of the duration, the decrement and the expectation of life in the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, formed from 62 bills of mortality on the files of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the year 1789.
Page 740 - We feel safe in concluding that at least half a billion dollars could be saved from the present cost of illness. This, added to the loss by preventable deaths of potential earnings of a billion, gives at least a billion and a half of preventable waste.

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