Missionary Hero Stories - True Stories of Missionaries and National Christian Leaders

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Read Books, 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 200 pages
Missionary pso HERO STORIES TRUE STORIES OF MISSIONARIES AND NATIONAL CHRISTIAN LEADERS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD Edited, by x NINA MILLEN FRIENDSHIP PRESS New York COPYRIGHT, 1948, BY FRIENDSHIP PRESS, ING. PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONTENTS P. indicates a story suitable for primary children J. one for juniors J. H. one that is usable with junior highs. AFRICA ANGOLA HELPER TO DR. MARY P., j. 1 by Gertrude Jenness Rinden Mary Cushman 1870- Congregational Christian MEDICINE STRONGER THAN BLACK MAGIC j., J. H. 8 by Alice Geer Kelsey Henry McDowell 1894- Congregational Christian AGRICULTURF EGYPT DR. HENRY OF ASSIUT j., J. H. 16 by Anna A. Milligan Vellore Meek L. M. Henry 1854-1942 MEDICINE U ted Vre yterian NIGERIA AT THE FOOT OF GARKIDA MOUNTAIN j., J. H. 22 by Pattie L. Bittinger H. Stover Kulp 1894- Church of the Brethren EVANGELISM ASIA ARABIA DOCTOR IN THE DESERT j., J. H. 28 by Florence M. Gordon Paul Harrison 1883- Reformed Church MEDICINE HE WAS AFRAID BUT HE KEPT ON j, J. H. S3 by Frank T. Cartwright James Hoover 1872-1935 Methodist EVANGELISM BURMA THE FARMER MISSIONARY j., J. H. 39 by Florence Stansbury Brayton Case 1887-1944 Northern Baptist AGBictri ruRE CHINA AN UNWANTED GIRL j., J. H. 47 by Edith Fredericks Ida Kahn 1871-1931 Methodist MEDICINE RED-HEADED WHIRLWIND j., J. H. 54 by Muriel Beaton Patterson Robert McClure 1900- United Church of Canada MEDICINE THE STORY SMALL BROTHER LOVED p., j. 61 by Mary Brewster Hollister Newton Chiang 1900- Episcopal EDUCATION YING TEACHER OF HONAN j., J. H. 69 by Viola Fischer Ingeborg NystuI 1880- Evangelical Lutheran EVANGELISM INDIA NEVER OFF DUTY J. H. 75 by Jane Gilbert Christian Frederick Schwartz 1726-1798Lutheran EVANGELISM AND EDUCATION iv CONTENTS THREE KNOCKS IN THE NIGHT j., J. H. 81 by Florence M. Gordon Ida Scudder 1870- Reformed Church MEDICINE THE WAH-WAH MAN j., J. H. 8T by Alice Hudson Lewis Sam Higginbottom 1874- Presbyterian U. S. A. AGRICULTURE JAPAN LET THE WORK GO ON j., J. H. 93 by Helen F Nicholson Rudolph Teusler 1876-1934 Episcopal MEDICINE MICHI KAWAI, THE TEACHER j. 100 by Margaret L. Decker Michi Kawai 1877- Church of Christ in Japan EDUCATION KOREA A FAMOUS WOMAN OF KOREA j., J. H. 106 by Virginia Fairfax and Hallie Buie Helen Kim 1899- Methodist EDUCATION PHILIPPINES A FILIPINO KEEPER OF THE FAITH j., J. H. 112 by Marjorie Roberts Juan Leones 1889-1935 United Brethren in Christ EVANGELISM SIGNAL HILL j., J. H. 119 by Alice Geer Kelsey Frank Laubach 1884- Congregational Christian EDUCATION AND EVANGELISM vj CONTENTS SUMATRA SOLDIER OF PEACE j., J. H. 127 by Alice Hudson Lewis Ludwig Nommensen 1834-1918 Rhenish EVANGELISM TIBET PIONEER IN TIBET j., J. H. 134 by Mabel Niedermeyer Albert Shelton 1875-1922 Disciples of Christ MEDICINE TURKEY DOCTOR ON HORSEBACK j. 141 by Alice Geer Kelsey Frederick Shepard 1855-1915 Congregational Christian MEDICINE NORTH AMERICA CANADA THE MAN WHO NEVER WASTED TIME j., J. H. 148 by Violet Clark William Walton 1869- Church of England in Canada EVANGELISM UNITED STATES THE PREACHER WHO CARRIED THE BALL TO CONGRESS j. 155 by Elizabeth S. Whitehouse Dirk Lay 1886-1944 Presbyterian 17. S. A. EVANGELISM vi CONTENTS LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL THE LITTLE OLD LADY WHO WALKS SO FAST j., J. H. 162 by Myrtle Stosberg Sydenstricker Charlotte Kemper 1837-1927 Presbyterian U. S. EVANGELISM COWBOY OF THE AMAZON 167 by Una Roberts Lawrence j., J. H. EricNelson 1862-1939 Southern Baptist EVANGELISM CUBA THE GOSPEL CAVALRYMAN OF THE CANE FIELDS j., J. H. 176 by Una Roberts Lawrence Primo Navarro 1873-1927 Southern Baptist EVANGELISM vfi HELPER TO DR. MARY Mary Cushman 1870- by GERTRUDE JENNESS RINDEN NOT so very long ago, in the great land of Africa, there lived two friends. One was little, and the other was big. One had black, fuzzy pigtails, and the other had gray hair that she combed up plain and neat into a knot on the top of her head. One wore a square cloth tied around her little black body...

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