Models and Methods of High-Tc Superconductivity: Some Frontal Aspects, Volume 2

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Nova Publishers, 2003 - Technology & Engineering - 418 pages
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The articles in this exceptional book contain regular papers, extended papers and reviews, and thus vary in length and are useful for all kinds of audience. They describe, as the book's name suggests, HTSC models and methodologies. Physical models (like extended BCS model, bipolaron model, spin bag model, RVB (resonating valence bond) model, preformed Cooper pairs and antiferromagnetic spin fluctuation (AFSF) based models, stripe phase, paired cluster (spin glass (SG) frustration based) model, Kamimura-Suwa (Hund's coupling mechanism based) model, electron- plasmon interaction, electron- phonon interaction, etc.), theoretical methods (methodologies) (like generalised BCS-Migdal-Eliashberg theory, Hubbard model, t-J model, t-t'-U model, Hubbard-Holstein model, Fermi-, non Fermi- and marginal Fermi- liquid concepts, generalised Hartree-Fock formalism, etc.) and, experimental status and methodologies are all described there. For comparison with cuprates, fullerenes, ruthenates, organic-, non Cu-containing oxide-and conventional (elemental, A15)- superconductors, molecular crystals, nickelates, manganites, borides etc. are also discussed.

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Introductory Chapter
On the KamimuraSuwa Model Coexistence of the Hunds Coupling Triplet and the ZhangRice Singlet in the Metallic State of Cuprates
Extended Ellashberg Theory for DWave Superconductivity and Application to Cuprates
The Generalized HartreeFock Theory of Isotropic High Temperature Superconductivity
Gap Symmetries in the Hubbard Models
Models for Strongly Interacting Fermion Systems
Extension of BCS Superconducting Theory
Single Crystal Methodology of HighTc SuperconductivitySome New Results
Critical Temperature and Energy Gap in Superconductors with Singularities in the Density of States DOS
Dynamic Stripes RVB Spin Liquid and High Tc Superconductivity A Game of Two Players
Overview of the Theory of the Superconductivity of Large Bipolarons
Microscopic Models for a Marginal Fermi Liquid Behaviour

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