Modern English Drama: Dryden, Sheridan, Goldsmith, Shelley, Browning, Byron

P. f. Collier & son, 1909 - 444페이지

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412 페이지 - Beautiful ! How beautiful is all this visible world ! How glorious in its action and itself! But we, who name ourselves its sovereigns, we, Half dust, half deity, alike unfit To sink or soar...
206 페이지 - You know our agreement, sir. You allow me the morning to receive and pay visits, and to dress in my own manner; and in the evening, I put on my housewife's dress to please you.
211 페이지 - At present, however, we are not likely to receive any answer. TONY. No offence, gentlemen. But I'm told you have been inquiring for one Mr. Hardcastle in these parts. Do you know what part of the country you are in 1 HAST.
68 페이지 - Can I do this? Ah, no; my love's so true That I can neither hide it where it is, Nor show it where it is not. Nature meant me A wife, a silly, harmless, household dove, , Fond without art, and kind without deceit; But Fortune, that has made a mistress of me, Has thrust me out to the wide world, unfurnished Of falsehood to be happy. Alex. Force yourself. Th' event will be, your lover will return Doubly desirous to possess the good Which once he feared to lose.
55 페이지 - She lay, and leant her cheek upon her hand, And cast a look so languishingly sweet, As if, secure of all beholders...
28 페이지 - Lie there, thou shadow of an emperor; The place thou pressest on thy mother earth Is all thy empire now: now it contains thee; Some few days hence, and then 'twill be too large, When thou'rt contracted in thy...
130 페이지 - Nay, now, Lady Sneerwell, you are severe upon the widow. Come, come, 'tis not that she paints so ill — but, when she has finished her face, she joins it on so badly to her neck, that she looks like a mended statue, in which the connoisseur may see at once that the head is modern, though the trunk's antique ! CRAB.
11 페이지 - Shakespeare; and by all so variously, that their example has given me the confidence to try myself in this bow of Ulysses amongst the crowd of suitors, and, withal, to take my own measures, in aiming at the mark. I doubt not but the same motive has prevailed with all of us in this attempt; I mean the excellency of the moral: For the chief persons represented were famous patterns of unlawful love; and their end accordingly was unfortunate. All reasonable men have long since concluded...
20 페이지 - For change, become their next poor tenant's guests; Drink hearty draughts of ale from plain brown bowls, And snatch the homely rasher from the coals: So you, retiring from much better cheer, For once, may venture to do penance here. And since that plenteous autumn now is past, Whose grapes and peaches have indulged your taste, Take in good part, from our poor poet's board, Such rivelled fruits as winter can afford.
142 페이지 - Was ever man so crossed as I am, everything conspiring to fret me ! I had not been involved in matrimony a fortnight before her father, a hale and hearty man, died, on purpose, I believe, for the pleasure of plaguing me with the care of his daughter.— [Lady Teazle sings without.] But here comes my helpmate ! She appears in great good humour. How happy I should be if I could tease her into loving me, though but a little ! Enter LADY TEAZLE.

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