Modern Painters ...

J. Wiley & Sons, 1878
These volumes include 87 collotype illustrations from art, many marked "artotype", copied from the English edition. Two printers were used for the plates, Harroun & Bierstadt, New York, and the Heliotype Printing Co., Boston. These volumes provide examples of how photomechanical processes were becoming used in art publication to reproduce an images originally published elsewhere. -- Hanson Collection Catalog, p. 61.

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Página 265 - ... the whole heaven — one scarlet canopy, — is interwoven with a roof of waving flame, and tossing-, vault beyond vault, as with the drifted wings of many companies of angels : and then, when you can look no more for gladness, and when you are bowed down with fear and love of the Maker and Doer of this, tell me who has best delivered this His message unto men ! ' Alps at Daybreak (Itogers's Poems :) Delphi, and various vignettes.
Página 91 - Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears, To me the meanest flower that blows can give Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.
Página 207 - I stand, the chasm of sky above my head Is heaven's profoundest azure ; no domain For fickle, short-lived clouds to occupy, Or to pass through ; but rather an abyss In which the everlasting stars abide ; And whose soft gloom, and boundless depth, might tempt The curious eye to look for them by day.
Página 51 - A sufficient impulse there may be on the organ; but it not reaching the observation of the mind, there follows no perception: and though the motion that uses to produce the idea of sound be made in the ear, yet no sound is heard.
Página 51 - This is certain, that whatever alterations are made in the body, if they reach not the mind; whatever impressions are made on the outward parts, if they are not taken notice of within ; there is no perception. Fire may burn our bodies with no other effect than it does a billet, unless the motion be continued to the brain, and there the sense of heat or idea of pain be produced in the mind, wherein consists actual perception.
Página 156 - ... opens in a cloud at sunset the motionless masses of dark rock — dark, though flushed with scarlet lichen, casting their quiet shadows across its restless radiance, the fountain underneath them filling its marble hollow with blue mist and fitful sound, and, over all, — the multitudinous bars of amber and rose, the sacred clouds that have no darkness, and only exist to...
Página 220 - Attained his western bound; but rays of light — • Now suddenly diverging from the orb Retired behind the mountain tops or veiled By the dense air — shot upwards...
Página 50 - I have to prove to them that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in their philosophy, and that the truth of nature is a part of the truth of God ; to him who does not search it out, darkness, as it is to him who does, infinity.
Página 26 - Perfect taste is the faculty of receiving the greatest possible pleasure from those material sources which are attractive to our moral nature in its purity and perfection.
Página 12 - If I say that the greatest picture is that which conveys to the mind of the spectator the greatest number of the greatest ideas, I have a definition which will include as subjects of comparison every pleasure which art is capable of conveying.

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