Modern Marine Engineering ...: The fire room

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1921 - Marine engineering
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Page 206 - Postpaid $3.00 THE MEN ON DECK Master, Mates and Crew —Their Duties and Responsibilities A Manual for the American Merchant Marine By FELIX RIESENBERG Commanding...
Page 152 - In other words the potential energy of 772 pounds elevated one foot above the ground is equivalent to the quantity of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water from 55 F.
Page 207 - TABLES. MARINE ENGINES AND STEAM VESSELS. By R. MURRAY, CE Eighth Edition, thoroughly Revised, with Additions by the Author and by GEORGE CARLISLE, CE Crown 8vo, cloth 45. 6d. MARINE GAS ENGINES. Their Construction and Management. By CARL H. CLARK, SB 120 pages. With 102 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth [Just Published. Net 5.
Page 206 - Illustrated Postpaid $3.00 NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY By Prof. JHC COFFIN, Late of US Nautical Academy New Edition — Revised and brought up to date By ELMER C. COLLINS Nautical...
Page 153 - In such an apparatus the fuel is completely burned, and the heat generated by the combustion is absorbed by water, the amount of heat being calculated from the increase in the temperature of the water. A calorimeter which has been accepted as the best for such work is one in which the fuel is burned in a steel bomb filled with compressed oxygen. The function of the oxygen, which is ordinarily under a pressure of about 25 atmospheres, is to cause the rapid and complete combustion of the fuel sample.
Page 67 - PATENTED the hand can be held upon the side of the boiler, when steaming, without discomfort, and the stoke hold is always cool. Hinged to the framing at the front and rear of the boiler are large doors, giving access to the hand-hole plates covering the tube ends. Ample means are provided for blowing the soot from the exterior of the tubes. A steam lance may be inserted through small dusting doors empaneled in the side casing, as shown above, and communicating with the spaces between the rows of...
Page 67 - ... pressure parts, and firmly bolted to the foundation, is a structural iron framing to which the casing plates are fastened. The spaces between the side tubes are filled with light fire tiles made of highly refractory fire clay. Against these are placed asbestos mill-board and magnesia block covering. On the outside, firmly holding the non-conducting materials in position, are the casing plates, which are clamped to the structural framing by butt straps. This method of fastening allows of easy...
Page 207 - Illustrated Postpaid $2.00 Second Edition, Corrected NAVIGATING THE SHIP A series of lessons in elementary navigation By LIEUT. ERNEST G.
Page 206 - Pages 5% x 7% 5 Folding Plates 150 Illustrations Postpaid $3.00 Third Edition — Revised and Enlarged Handbook for the Care and Operation of Naval Machinery By COMM. HC DINGER, TT.
Page 19 - ... is called the hammer test. The plate was suspended clear of the ground and struck with a hammer at intervals of three or four inches over its surface; a clear, ringing tone indicating a sound plate, while a dull sound indicated with fair certainty a defect such as internal unsoundness. Mild steel has a tensile strength of from 55,000 to 65,000 pounds per square inch, with an elongation of 25 per cent. A test piece cut from a plate | inch thick or less should stand bending double, when hot or...

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