Molière's Misanthrop und seine englischen Nachahmungen

Friedrichs-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg, 1907 - 88 pages

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Page 56 - Beauty the lover's gift! Lord, what is a lover, that it can give? Why, one makes lovers as fast as one pleases, and they live as long as one pleases, and they die as soon as one pleases; and then, if one pleases, one makes more.
Page 71 - Im Grunde aber sind wir Alle kollektive Wesen, wir mögen uns stellen, wie wir wollen. Denn wie Weniges haben und sind wir, das wir im reinsten Sinne unser Eigentum nennen! Wir müssen Alle empfangen und lernen, sowohl von denen die vor uns waren, als von denen die mit uns sind. Selbst das größte Genie würde nicht weit kommen, wenn es Alles seinem eigenen Innern verdanken wollte.
Page 45 - As asses thistles, poets mumble wit, And dare not bite, for fear of being bit. They hold their pens, as swords are held by fools, And are afraid to use their own edge-tools. Since The Plain Dealer's scenes of manly rage, Not one has dared to lash this crying age.
Page 29 - And to make the whole complete, Wycherley does not seem to have been aware that he was not drawing the portrait of an eminently honest man. So depraved was his moral taste, that while he firmly believed that he was producing a picture of virtue too exalted for the commerce of this world, he was really delineating the greatest rascal that is to be found, even in his own writings.
Page 42 - His style is inimitable, nay perfect. It is the highest model of comic dialogue. Every sentence is replete with sense and satire, conveyed in the most polished and pointed terms. Every page presents a shower of brilliant conceits, is a tissue of epigrams in prose, is a new triumph of wit, a new conquest over dulness.
Page 56 - And yet our distemper in all likelihood will be the same, for we shall be sick of one another. I shan't endure to be reprimanded, nor instructed. 'Tis so dull to act always by advice, and so tedious to be told of one's faults. I can't bear it.
Page 49 - It's very true, sister; well, since all's out, and as you say, since we are both wounded, let us do what is often done in duels, take care of one another, and grow better friends than before. Mrs. Frail. With all my heart: ours are but slight flesh wounds, and if we keep 'em from air, not at all dangerous: well, give me your hand in token of sisterly secrecy and affection.
Page 81 - This versification is not rich, and the style is antiquated; but do you not see that it is far better than all those trumpery trifles against which good sense revolts, and that in this, passion speaks from the heart...
Page 71 - Es ist wahr, ich habe in meinem langen Leben mancherlei getan und zustande gebracht, dessen ich mich allenfalls rühmen könnte. Was hatte ich aber, wenn wir ehrlich sein wollen, das eigentlich mein war, als die Fähigkeit und Neigung, zu sehen und zu hören, zu unterscheiden und zu wählen, und das Gesehene und Gehörte mit einigem Geist zu beleben und mit einiger Geschicklichkeit wieder zu geben. Ich verdanke meine Werke keineswegs meiner eigenen Weisheit allein, sondern Tausenden von Dingen und...
Page 47 - You mistake, the liberty I take in talking, is purely affected, for the service of your sex.

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