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Franklin Watts, 2008 - 32 síğur
A look at the British monarchy. Full of facts, figures, diagrams and photographs, the book provides a guide to the history and official role of the monarchy, royal duties, the royal family, the royal household, the Crown Jewels and the honours system and the royal palaces.

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Umsögn notanda  - Michael_Rose - LibraryThing

It's not a very long read, and of limited value as a result, but the Hitch remains true to his style, and it is immensely enjoyable for that reason. I likewise do not "get" the fetish so many Americans have for the British royal family. Read full review

LibraryThing Review

Umsögn notanda  - benjamin7857 - LibraryThing

In this short essay Hitchens does what Hitchens does best: he takes a complex argument and separates out the most salient points, before presenting them cogently in what is, ultimately, a serious yet ... Read full review

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