... Monographs on Education in the United States, Volume 1

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Nicholas Murray Butler
J. B. Lyon Company, 1900 - Education

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Page 152 - the general assembly, as soon as circumstances will permit, to provide by law for a general system of education, ascending in regular gradation from township schools to a state university wherein tuition shall be gratis and equally open to all.
Page 113 - By general instruction we seek as far as possible to purify the whole atmosphere, to keep good sentiments uppermost, and to turn the strong current of feeling and opinion, as well as the censures of the law and the denunciations of religion, against immorality and crime.
Page 198 - must admit students of either sex from any part of the state without charge for tuition, must provide a course of study covering the requirements for admission to the University of Minnesota, and must be subject to the rules and open to the inspection of the
Page 198 - Minnesota has maintained a state system of high schools since 1881. At the head of this system stands the state high school board, consisting of the governor, the superintendent of public instruction, and the president of the University
Page 12 - at a general or municipal election, and in others at elections held for the particular purpose. But in many cities, and particularly the larger ones, the boards are appointed by the mayor alone, or by the mayor and city council acting jointly. In the city of Philadelphia the board is appointed by the city judges, in
Page 178 - In Latin, first year, grammar; second year, Caesar; third year, Cicero; fourth year, Virgil. In mathematics, first year, algebra; second year, plane geometry; fourth year, solid geometry and higher algebra. In natural science, first year, zoology or botany ; third year, physics; fourth year, chemistry. English Latin Greek. ... French German Algebra Geometry History Natural Science. Chemistry . . . Botany CLASSICAL COURSE
Page 366 - female education in the best families went no further than writing and arithmetic; in some few and rare instances music and dancing. It was fashionable,
Page 207 - EDITED BY NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER Professor of Philosophy and Education in Columbia University, New York THE AMERICAN COLLEGE BY ANDREW FLEMING WEST Professor of Latin in Princeton University,
Page 77 - EDITED BY NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER Professor of Philosophy and Education in Columbia University, New York ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BY WILLIAM T. HARRIS United States Commissioner of Education, Washington, DC
Page 263 - of medicine. 4. Doctors of medicine desiring to pursue certain postgraduate courses. 5. Students who have taken no degree, and are not looking forward to a degree, but who desire to avail themselves for a brief period of the opportunities here offered. The courses of study under

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