Monthly Journal of Medical Science, 12권

Sutherland & Knox, 1851

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411 페이지 - A thousand fantasies Begin to throng into my memory, Of calling shapes, and beckoning shadows dire, And airy tongues, that syllable men's names On sands, and shores, and desert wildernesses.
135 페이지 - PRAY, Mr. Opie, may I ask what you mix your colors with ? " said a brisk dilettante student to the great painter. "With Brains, sir," was the gruff
141 페이지 - The man of science possesses principles — the man of art, not the less nobly gifted, is possessed and carried away by them. The principles which art involves, science evolves. The truths on which the success of art depends lurk in the artist's mind in an undeveloped state, guiding his hand, stimulating his invention, balancing his judgment, but not appearing in regular propositions.
432 페이지 - I lost all connection with external things ; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and were connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel. I existed in a world of newly connected and newly modified ideas.
417 페이지 - O'er fairy fields, or mourned along the gloom Of pathless woods, or down the craggy steep Hurled headlong, swam with pain the mantled pool, Or scaled the cliff, or danced on hollow winds With antic shapes, wild natives of the brain...
138 페이지 - You must invigorate the containing and sustaining mind, you must strengthen him from within, as well as fill him from without ; you must discipline , nourish, edify, relieve , and refresh his entire nature ; and how?
136 페이지 - Suppose you look again." And they did try, and they did look, and looked again ; and they saw and achieved what they never could have done, had the how or the what (supposing this possible, which...
496 페이지 - If the erysipelas be mild, fifteen drops of the muriated tincture of iron are administered in water every two hours until the disease is completely removed. When the attack threatens to be more severe, the dose of the tincture is increased to twenty-five drops every two hours, and persevered in night and day, however high the fever and delirium.
135 페이지 - Sir," was the gruff reply — and the right one. It did not give much of what we call information ; it did not expound the principles and rules of the art ; but, if the inquirer had the commodity referred to, it would awaken him ; it would set him a-going, a-thinking, and a-painting to good purpose. If he had not the wherewithal, as was likely enough, the less he had to do with colours and their mixture the better.
135 페이지 - ... have shown him how they laid them on; but even this would leave him at the critical point. Opie preferred going to the quick and the heart of the matter: "With brains, sir.

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