Moon-o-theism: Religion of a War and Moon God Prophet, Volume 2

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Y. Natan, 2006 - Religion - 1185 pages
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This is a two-volume study of a war and moon god religion that was based on the Mideast moon god religion of Sin.

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I want readers to know that, while Yoel Natan quotes my doctoral dissertation on zodiac mosaics in Byzantine synagogues, I am not a nutty anti-muslim bigot, as Natan appears to be. "Allah" is the same word as "Elohim", the word for god in the Hebrew Bible. For example, the opening line of Genesis is "in the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth...." In Hebrew this is "Bereishith bara' Elohim."
Both Jews and Arabs used lunar calendars in ancient times because, frankly, looking up at the moon is rather easy.
Lester Ness

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It increased my believe that such writers don't have the slightest knowledge of what they are writing about. such a waist of time and effort in chasing false and unauthenticated sources. It is also clear when a writer have BIOS. It is very clear. We have an Arabic proverb that says " a letter's content is exposed by it's title" and it is very true about this topic. (Mono)with one O" is a prefix that means "one" versus poly which means multiple. Judaism is a monotheistic religion as well. I don't know where this moon worshiping concept came from even though Quran says that sun ,moon and stars are but Allah's creation. "do not prostrate to the sun or moon but do so to the One who created them" 41:37. I also don't know where the translation of "UZA" to Venus came from? literary, UZA in Arabic is female adjective of AZIZ means dignified . this is only form 2 lines review about the book.
yusuf Ali is the worst translation of "the meanings of the Quran" ever made. Quran is only in Arabic. I challenge the author to an open debate and he names the place and time and also the topic.

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