More Pious Friends and Drunken Companions: Songs and Ballads of Conviviality

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Macaulay Company, 1928 - Ballads - 190 pages
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Page 34 - Without the leave o' me ? A coat ! quo' she ; Ay, a coat, quo' he. Ye auld blind dotard carle, And blinder mat ye be ! It's but a pair o' blankets My minnie sent to me. Blankets! quo' he; Ay, blankets, quo
Page 82 - All down the hill his loving bride Now ran with all her force To push him in, he stepped aside, And she fell in, of course. Now splashing, dashing like a fish — "Oh, save me, Johnny Sands." "I can't, my dear, though much I wish, For you have tied my hands.
Page 32 - Saw I never nane!" Our gude-man cam' hame at e'en, And hame cam' he; And there he saw a sword, Whaur nae sword should be. "What's this now, gude-wife? What's this I see? Oh, how cam' this sword here, Without the leave o
Page 41 - And by her side hung a glittering sword, In her belt two daggers: well armed for war Was this female smuggler, Was this female smuggler who never feared a scar. Now they had not sailed far from the land, When a strange sail brought them to a stand. "These are sea robbers," this maid did cry, "But the female smuggler, But the female smuggler will conquer or will die.
Page 184 - I was free— with the heavy iron door dragging me down to death ; I fought my way to the cabin, choked with the burning breath Of the flames that danced around me like man-mocking fiends at play, And then — O God! I can see it, and shall to my dying day. There lay my Nell as they'd left her, dead in her berth that night; The flames flung a smile on her features, — a horrible, lurid light. God knows how I reached and touched her, but I found myself by her side ; I thought she was living a moment,...
Page 68 - We fought full nine hours before the strife was o'er. The like of dead and wounded I never saw before. And when the sun was rising and the Indians they had fled, We loaded up our rifles and counted up our dead.
Page 31 - Our gude man cam hame at e'en, And hame cam he ; And there he saw a saddle horse Where nae horse should be. ' How cam this horse here ? How can it be ? How cam this horse here Without the leave of me ? ' ' A horse ? ' quo she. ' Ay, a horse,
Page 68 - And when the bugle sounded, our captain gave command, " To arms ! To arms !" he shouted, " and by your horses stand ! " I saw the smoke ascending, it seemed to reach the sky; The first thought that struck me, my time has come to die.
Page 58 - He was going down grade making ninety miles an hour When his whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throtle. And a-scalded to death with the steam.
Page 68 - I joined the jolly band, We marched from San Antonio down to the Rio Grande. Our captain he informed us, perhaps he thought it right, "Before we reach the station, boys, you'll surely have to fight." And when the bugle sounded our captain gave command, "To arms, to arms," he shouted, "and by your horses stand.

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