Mount Royal, by the author of 'Lady Audley's secret'.

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Page 35 - There is nothing in the world I would not do for you, nor you, I think, for me.
Page 38 - And yet she did not seem wicked : she spoke of him with such intense feeling." " She seemed — she spoke !" repeated the Major aghast. " Do you mean to tell me that you have seen — that you have conversed with her ?" " Yes : when my aunt told me the story which she heard from Lady Cumberbridge I could not bring myself to believe it until it was confirmed by Miss Mayne's own lips. I made up my mind that I would go and see her — and I went. Was that wrong "I
Page 120 - I knew that there was only one woman in the world who could make me happy, and I waited for her. You must own that I have been patient, have I not, Belle ?" " You have been very devoted to your dear mother — very good to me. I cannot deny that, Leonard,
Page 99 - Christabel smiled a little contemptuously at the mother's wailing. " Hearts are not so easily broken," she said, " Leonard's least of all. He is angry because for the first time in his life he finds himself thwarted. He wants to marry me, and I don't •want to marry him. Do you remember how angry he was when he wanted to go out shooting, at eleven years of age, and you refused him a gun. He moped and fretted for a week, and you were quite as unhappy as he was. It is almost the first...
Page 93 - I was so eager to be secure of my dear boy's happiness. Let us try different tactics, Leo. Take things quietly for a little — behave to your cousin just as if there had been nothing of this kind between you — and who knows what may happen.
Page 110 - Harcourt said his friends would not " wear their hearts upon their sleeves for daws to peck at...

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