Mounting and framing pictures

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Paul Nooncree Hasluck
McKay, 1906 - Crafts & Hobbies - 160 pages

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Page 162 - Contents. — Graining: Introduction, Tools and Mechanical Aids. Graining Grounds and Graining Colors. Oak Graining in Oil. Oak Graining in Spirit and Water Colours. Pollard Oak and Knotted Oak Graining. Maple Graining. Mahogany and Pitch-pine Graining. Walnut Graining. Fancy Wood Graining. Furniture Graining. Imitating Woods by Staining. Imitating Inlaid Woods. Marbling: Introduction, Tools, and Materials. Imitating Varieties of Marble. Index. Painters
Page 2 - Gentleman's Saddle Ladies' Side Saddles. Children's Saddles or Pilches. Saddle Cruppers. Breast Plates and Other Accessories. Riding Bridles. Breaking-down Tackle. Head Collars. Horse Clothing. Knee-caps and Miscellaneous Articles, etc. etc. 177 Illus. Upholstery. Contents. — Upholsterers
Page 163 - ... Columns. Steam-engine Cylinder Patterns and Core Boxes. Worm Wheel . . Pattern. Lathe Bed Patterns. Head Stock and Poppet Patterns, etc. Practical Handr ailing. 144 Illustrations. Contents.— Principles of Handrailing. Definition of Terms. Geometrical Drawing. Simple Handrails Wreathed Handrails on the Cylindrical System. The Uses of Models. Obtaining Tangents and Bevels. Face Moulds : their Construction and Use. Twisting the Wreath. Completing the Handrail Orthogonal or Right-angle System of...
Page 1 - Coats Contents.—Tailors- Requisites and Methods of Stitching. Simple Repairs and Pressing. Re-lining, Re-pocketing, and Re-collaring. How to Cut and Make Trousers. How to Cut and Make Vests, etc., etc 180 Illustrations.
Page 73 - Moulding. with parchment size to be ready for application. A thin coating of clay is applied to the frame as a foundation for subsequent preparations ; it is put on just warm enough to work freely in the brush and to lie smoothly. When dry, it is only necessary to add a coating of clear parchment size, and the frame will be ready for oilsizing.
Page 81 - Whenever a particle of dust settles on the wet gold size it sticks until the agate burnisher passes over it, when it is dislodged, carrying with it the gold and leaving a black speck. When the least grit gets into the size during mixing, the latter lies roughly ; and, when the agate passes over the roughness, much of the gold is often can-led away.
Page 74 - Should anything happen to retard or destroy the drying quality of the oil, the work will be spoiled. The loss of the property of drying (and bearing a hard " tack ") may result from the effects of frost, or the handling of the parts to be gilt during preparation. The hand imparts just enough greasy moisture to make the oil dry badly.
Page 81 - Burnish, burnisher in one hour from the time of laying ; when on composition ornaments, however, much longer is required for drying. In bringing up a surface a good even pressure is required, the agate passing to and fro until all dead streaks disappear ; and the screen, Fig.
Page 74 - Continue the mixing until a good-sized jar has been half filled, then stir in more oil and strain the whole through a piece of linen into another jar. When applied, the oil is, of course, considerably thicker than boiled oil ; but experience alone will show the thickness which gives the best results.

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