Mr. Hawes's Annual Concert, at the Argyll Rooms on Friday, April 29th, 1825

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J. Mallett, 1825 - 27 pagini

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Pagina 21 - Oh ! then, for ever haste away. Away from love and me ; Go, seek a heart that's like your own, And come no more to me, Donald. For...
Pagina 4 - E'en hope is hanished from my soul! What unknown grief thus haunts my spirit, And o'er me works its dark control? Thro' the forests, thro' the meadows, Joy was wont with me to stray, While my rifle, never failing.
Pagina 5 - What need we fear to want next year, 'Twill be all one a hundred hence. LIFE IS DARKENED O'ER WITH WOE. ^Translated, by W. M'Gregor Logan, from Weber. ) LIFE is darkened o'er with woe, Bid the ruddy nectar flow ; Wine's the soul of joy below : Bless'd by Bacchus, rosy wine Makes a mortal half divine ; Fill, oh fill the cup before thee, Bacchus, Bacchus, I adore thee. Life is darkened o'er with woe. Bid the...
Pagina 12 - The moon with blood hath stained her light ! What forms are those, in misty shrouds, That stalk before my sight ? And now — hush, hush ! The owl is hooting in yon bush...
Pagina 5 - Every coming sound to me. See, she fondly waves a welcome. Fancy's eye her lover sees ; But her signal gains no answer. Save the sigh of whispering trees ! What dark'ning power is ruling o'er me, My anxious bosom fear hath riven; Despair hath spread her snares before me. Does fate rule blindly ? aid me heaven ! BURLINGTON ARCADE.
Pagina 8 - Looks are followed soon by sighs ¿ Then a little courage taking, He makes love and she denies. But, before a twelvemonth passes, Forth they ramble side by side, Marriage ends the village scandal, He the bridegroom — she the bride. ffffffff THE MARGATE HOY IN QUARANTINE. Air — " Garry Owen" VON E Mister Vill Vilkins, vone wery fine day, Call'd up Mrs.
Pagina 11 - L., on a lower knotty branch of which an OWL is sitting. CASPAR discovered with a pouch and hanger, busily engaged in making a circle of black stones ; in the middle of which is placed a skull, an eagle's wing, a crucible, and a bullet mould. Distant thunder heard. Chorus of INVISIBLE SPIRITS. Mist hath fallen from the moon...
Pagina 13 - In yonder gloom [Pointing to a rock, uus, over ivhich a female spectre, with uplifted hands, is seen moving, My mother's spirit roams before mine eyes. Thus in her shroud, thus in the grave she lies. With lifted hands she seems to pray — She beckons me away. [The spectre disappears.
Pagina 14 - At No. 6, Tremendous Storm of Thunder, Lightning and Hail — Meteors dart through the Air and dance on the Hills — The Torrent foams and roars — The Rocks are riven, and...
Pagina 11 - A weird, craggy glen, surrounded by high mountains, down the side of one of which falls a cascade. To the left, a blasted tree, on the knotty branch of which an owl is sitting. To the right a steep path by which Max comes; below it a great cave. The moon throws a lurid light over all. A few battered pinetrees are scattered here and there.

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