Mr. Paul

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This book opens from the viewpoint of a four year old child who sees his father leave to fight in World War II and how it affects him. After the war our family moves into a new subdivision made up of all manner of WW II vets. Our house neighbored a five acre dairy farm. When the farm owner dies, the widow makes a bad decision that causes an invasion of rats. After a battle with the rats, the widow begins boarding horses which we were allowed to ride in exchange for caring for them. Our family fell into hard times in the mid-50's, the house was sold, and a move took place to a rural town (Arnold, Mo). The move occurred at a time which placed the author in a unique historical event, the graduation of Fox High School's very first senior class. After Graduation the author served three years in the U.S. Army, twenty six months of it in Germany. He was in Germany when the Berlin Wall was built It was also while the author was in Germany that the he received Jesus Christ as Savior. This book goes on to show what a Radical and beautiful change that Jesus makes in the Author's life to give it meaning and purpose.

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