Mrs. Leicester's School: The Histories of Several Young Ladies, Related by Themselves

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C.S. Francis & Company, 1852 - English fiction - 151 pages
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Page 77 - Weddingday. Most people, I understand, prefer the first tale — in truth a very admirable one — but others could have written it. Show me the man or woman, modern or ancient, who could have written this one sentence: "When I was dressed in my new frock, I wished poor mamma was alive to see how fine I was on papa's wedding-day; and I ran to my favourite station at her bedroom door.
Page 37 - Sometimes I think of the good-natured pied cow that would let me stroke her while the dairy-maid was milking her. Then I fancy myself running after the dairy-maid into the nice clean dairy, and see the pans full of milk and cream. Then I remember the woodhouse ; it had once been a large barn, but being grown old, the wood was kept there. My sister and I used to peep about among the faggots, to find the eggs the hens sometimes left there. Birds' nests we might not look for. Grandmamma was very angry...
Page 117 - Witches, which used to lie about in this closet ; it was thumbed about, and showed it had been much read in former times. This was my treasure. Here I used to pick out the strangest stories. My not being able to read them very well probably made them appear more strange and out of the way to me. But I could collect enough to understand that witches were old women who gave themselves up to do mischief ; — how, by the help of spirits as bad as themselves, they lamed cattle, and made the corn not...
Page 32 - I was four years old was the first that I recollect. On the morning of that day, as soon as I awoke, I crept into mamma's bed, and said, " Open your eyes, mamma, for it is my birthday. Open your eyes, and look at me !" Then mamma told me I should ride in a post-chaise, and see my grandmamma and my sister Sarah.
Page 156 - Eskdale Herd Boy," etc. (In press.) The Good Grandmother And her Offspring. By Mrs. Holland. Keeper's Travels In Search of his Master. Reprinted from the original edition. (In press.) The Book of Entertainment Of Curiosities and Wonders in Nature, Art, and Mind. Drawn from the most authentic sources, and carefully revised. Fourth Series. With 80 Engravings. $1 OC ; extra gilt, $1 25. The Barbadoes
Page 89 - I concluded that I must be a Mahometan, for I believed every word I read. At length I met with something which I also believed, though I trembled as I read it : — this was, that after we are dead, we are to pass over a narrow bridge, which crosses a bottomless gulf. The bridge was described to be no wider than a silken thread ; and it said, that all who were not Mahometans would slip on one side of this bridge, and drop into the tremendous gulf that had no bottom. I considered myself as a Mahometan,...
Page 153 - Fred Markham in Russia, or, THE BOY TRAVELLERS IN THE LAND OF THE CZAR. „ Manco the Peruvian Chief. „ Mark Seaworth; a Tale of the Indian Ocean. „ Peter the Whaler; HIS EARLY LIFE AND ADVENTURES IN THE ARCTIC REGIONS.
Page 104 - London must have seen the Bank, and therefore you may imagine what an effect the fine large rooms, and the bustle and confusion of people, had on me, who was grown such a little wondering rustic, that the crowded streets and the fine shops alone kept me in continual admiration. As we were returning home down Cheapside, papa said, "Emily shall take home some little books. Shall we order the coachman to the corner of St. Paul's Church-yard, or shall we go to the Juvenile Library in Skinner Street ?"...
Page 137 - I now think them ; but it seems the people who built these great churches in old times, gave themselves more liberties than they do now ; and I remember that when I first saw them, and before my father had made this observation, though they were so ugly and out of shape, and some of them seemed to be grinning and distorting their features with pain or with laughter, yet being placed upon a church, to which I had come with such serious thoughts, I could...

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