Multiple Intelligences and Curriculum Development: Shifting the Teaching and Learning Paradigm in Higher Education Through Humor and Technology

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Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2012 - Education, Higher - 341 pages
Since learning environments online, as well as in the traditional college classroom, are mostly instructor designed and directed, the drive to devise and implement instructional technologies, strategies, and materials that would address all students' learning needs, utilizing Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence (MI) paradigm and humor, appear exceedingly promising. Gardner's theory has aided in dispelling certain myths regarding the perception of learning and intelligences. The most significant point Gardner has made, however, deals with an individual's capacity to develop his/her intelligences well beyond biological abilities and regardless of cultural or environmental circumstances. Additionally, the use of humor and the design of instruction for populations who choose to learn at some distance from the traditional classroom present an opportunity to effectively apply Gardner's Theory of MI through the general construction of course content, the use of specific instructional activities, general communication, and improved participant interaction. As a result, through the use of technology, humor, and Gardner's paradigm, heightened understanding in students' learning abilities and perceptions is noted. This type of instruction serves as a fertile ground that nurtures competent learners, in charge of their lives and education. Learn how you too can implement Dr. Andriotis's methods in Multiple Intelligences and Curriculum Development.

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