Murder By Medicine

Humanics Children's House, 2015/10/19 - 240 ページ
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Race horse trainers are dying mysteriously, and only one of their own has the experience to track down the killer.International race horse trainer Rick Harrow and his pregnant wife Happy are down on their luck. Broke and without a thoroughbred to train, Rick is overjoyed when an old school friend calls to offer him a job over in England. But soon after Rick and Happy arrive, old trainer friend Ivor suddenly dies after suffering nothing more than a headache. Rick's suspicion that it was no accident is confirmed when he learns that five trainer friends back in the U.S. have passed away in similar fashion.Sport of Kings writer and novelist B.F. Chayzer - a real-life descendant of kings herself - sets the pace for a galloping ride that enters the winner's circle when Rick's wife is abducted during race week in exotic Dubai. How she escapes her captors and solves the trainers' murders makes for a thrilling photo finish.

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