My Brother Tom

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 148 pages
This biography of Thomas E. Ware covers (78) years of relentless struggle for achievement and success in a segregated society on the streets of Washington D.C. Starting in 1929 and ending in 2007. As his younger brother I was blessed to grow up with him and watch him skillfully work his way through numerous Jim Crow policies, educational barriers, adversity and police intimidation. (Excerpts from passages in the book) Chap. 5 During the 1930's 1201 was a land mark stop over point for family members migrating from the south. At one point I counted five families with twenty-three people living in our four bedroom home, I slept in the bathroom tub. While others slept on floor pallets. Chap.3 The highlight of our corner experience was the appearance of the local police. As they got closer to our group some one would yell "police" and we would scatter and hide. After passing us, some one would yell "all clear," and we would return. One day, Tom said we have not done anything wrong, why should we run every time we see a policeman? I'm not going to run anymore! Nervously, I sat with him. Chap. 1 When we were little guys, I remember Tom telling me "There is no Santa Claus." This is all a game, but I want my toys on Christmas Day. I said yes there is a Santa Claus, look at all the toys he brought us last year. Tom said; alright tell me how a group of reindeer can fly through the air with no engine power or wings? And how can Santa bring toys to all the kids on our block in his small sled, and how can a big fat Santa slide down our small chimney? We decided to wait up for Santa on Christmas Eve. Finally we say our parents placing toys under the tree for us. We knew then that our parents were Santa Claus. We still rejoiced on Christmas morning. I am pleased that my survival in life is attributed to the life goals that he set for himself, but I followed. His inner strength, tenacity, and visionary leadership were helpful to many people whose lives he touched. He was a courageous, remarkable man. James J. Ware Jr.

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