My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway: The True Story of a Man Who Found Nine of His Past Lives

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iUniverse, Nov 17, 2012 - Religion - 228 pages
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In this personal account, one man details how he discovered the fact of reincarnation and explores what he did in his prior lives.

More people than you would believe have prior life memories. In his new spiritual memoir “My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway: The True Story of a Man who found nine of His Past Lives” author and businessman Frank Mares tells how he acquired psychic ability in his middle age. With this new gift, he recovered facts about nine of his prior lives, most of which involved violent, bloody deaths. The most recent life was that of a young German Wehrmacht sergeant who was ambushed and killed by Russians during the night of May 1, 1944 in a dark Estonian farmhouse. Not being satisfied with just discovering his past lives, Mares goes on a spiritual mission to find out why he kept dying violently. The answers do not come easily, but by using a team of three world class psychics he eventually tracks down the shocking reason for all his brutal deaths. The psychic team finds that within the soul of this normal small businessman resides a brutal, stone cold killer from the 1600’s who surprisingly was the revered founder of a gentile noble family./p. pAs part of his soul’s continuing quest for redemption, Mares hopes to salvage the dark time in his soul’s past into something that could help others today. His experiences show that death is only a transition phase, and that it should not be feared. His book also reveals that reincarnation is actually a well designed, organized system that allows souls to learn personalized life lessons over a surprising number of lives. If you read this book, you will never look at life (and death) in the same way again.


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I read only a few pages of what was available on the sample pages. From whatever little I could read I found it to be an excellent Book and immediately I tried to procure this Book from Flipkart.Com where unfortunately this Book is still not availablel.
I am awestruck by what is revealed by Frank Mares though I have been a firm believer in reincarnation having imbibed it as my cultural trait. Hats off for the lucidity and clarity provided. I shall get the Book whatever effort it demands. Suresh


Frank the Atheist
The Homing Beacon
Searching for Immortality
Opening the Door through Meditation
Finding Other Members of the Club
Reunion with My Father
PastLife Regression through Hypnosis
A Spirit Gives New Road Directions
Gorman and Zul
My Spiritual Crisis and the Return of Shem
Time? What Time?
My Life as Frank Explained
To Be a Member You Have to Remember
Count Nicholas von DesFours the Thief
Fathers Day
On to Another Spiritual Highway

Chief Shem
The Story of Laurie
Finding Sergeant Otto
Hey I Used to Be Famous
Guardian Angels and Their Tricks
Funny Psychic Stories and Deleted Scenes
Defending the Faith
Recommended Books and Psychics
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