My Shepherd Lord

Trafford Publishing, 2 juin 2006
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When David wrote Psalm 23, he realized how important God had been in his life. David wrote this Psalm about the three distinct spiritual areas of his life that proved him as a man after God's own heart. From his early years as a shepherd boy, to learning endurance and patience, to his weakness of committing adultery, David learned what it meant to walk closely with his Shepherd. In his final years of living on earth, David yearned for and expected the ultimate reward of living forever with his Holy God. David understood who the Shepherd was in his life. Today, learning how our Good Shepherd still works in the lives of believers will enhance your spiritual journey into eternity with Him. Discover the secret of how to become a man or women after God's own heart. Relate Psalm 23 to your own personal journey with God through the eyes of David.

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