My Silent Heroes: Guide in Selecting Role Models

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JOYCE BRENNAN brings her characters to life in this fast-paced novel, spiced with suspense, danger and romance. Katy Jameson's life is shattered when her fiancÚ, Brad Price, empties their joint bank account and absconds with her life savings. Humiliated, Katy becomes tenacious in her quest for justice only to discover there are many other victims of Brad's con. When the company where Katy is employed downsizes, she loses her advertising position and finds herself a few months away from becoming homeless. Desperate, she takes a temporary job as a process server. Her new boss assists in the quest to locate Brad. In search of permanent employment, Katy joins an internet chat line and begins a correspondence with John Gilbert, owner of a small printing company in Wyoming. Over time, John becomes a father figure to Katy as they exchange daily e-mails. John, confined to a wheelchair, learns of Katy's brutal attack while serving a subpoena. He sends his son, Trace, to check on her. Under his father's direction, Trace continues the pursuit of Brad and in the process falls in love with Katy. His investigation reveals that Brad, using many aliases, has made a career of separating women from their money, starting in New York City and crossing the country to Indianapolis. Katy and Trace witness the explosive results of Brad's final deception.

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