My Stories

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Trafford Publishing, 2009 - Psychology - 132 pages
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The book that refuses to be tamed by an impatient reader... Despite very simple language, Damir Ibrisimovic's stories are not an easy read. The reason is simple. The huge volume of finds in cognitive psychology and other life sciences demanded a coherent articulation. Such articulations cannot always follow our usual (habitual) thoughts. And this could be a challenge to an impatient reader... My Stories are the author's explorations of how we see the world we live in and ourselves within it on the basis of the latest findings in the cognitive psychology and with the Complex Adaptive Systems Theory in the background. It introduces a triangular base of cognitive processes: genetic, cultural and personal; exploring each aspect separately. By establishing introspection as a scientific discipline Know Thyself Discipline author explores our cognitive processes, how they may have evolved and probable future evolutionary trends. The picture also grows into how we accumulate and share personal experiences cultivating our cultural knowledge base. The impacts of finds on the science in general are also in the mix of short stories interconnected at various levels of abstractions. With a mix of metaphors, catchphrases, humor and other poetic-like tools Ibrisimovic invites non-habitual thoughts and active participation. Contemplative readers, from all walks of life, are invited to use the book as a workbook with enough room for their comments. Readers are also invited to contribute on the author's discussion group for a peer reviewed second edition. Significant contributions would change the title of the book into Our Stories.

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